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Cutting Sugar and Caffeine
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Cutting Sugar and Caffeine

I went vegan almost a year ago.  I chose to become vegan not only because of the health benefits, but more, because I couldn't stand to eat food that caused so much pain, suffering. and destruction in the world to animals, humans and our earth.  I had certainly heard that veganism causes folks to lose weight, and even though I'm not over-weight, I figured a few less pounds would be a great benefit.  A few months into my vegan life and much to my dismay, I was not losing any weight.  Quite the contrary, I was gaining.  Despite my regular exercise and excellent new diet, the scale was tipping in a scary direction! 

I searched my daily foods for the culprit.  Could it be the nuts?  Maybe too many nuts?  But that was NUTS!  I was very careful about my intake.  Could it be the fats?  You know, those fats that aren't supposed to make you fat?  Avocados, olive oil, NUTS?!  Maybe it was the soy!  I've heard some not so great things about soy lately.  I cut out the soy.  But my biggest problem was yet to be uncovered.  One thing I had noticed was that I was hungry ALL THE TIME!  Here I was, eating good, organic, whole foods, no meat, dairy, or eggs, and I was hefting up.

Then, I started really looking at what I was eating.  I mean, really taking a good, honest look.  I did a little research and started seeing tons of articles talking about coffee and sugar.  Hmmm, thought I.  And then, I dismissed it.  I love my coffee!  I love my vegan dark chocolate! I love trying new sweet vegan cookie recipes!  I've given up so many things!  Not those, too!  Sigh...

So, about a month ago, I did it.  I went off sugar and caffeine.  I did it slowly, but by week 2, I could feel the difference.  I drank lots of water with lemon, and decreased my caffeine intake a little every day.  I went of sugar and anything processed (though there wasn't much of that in my diet to begin with) cold turkey.  Today, I'm completely clean.

And guess what?  I'm not hungry anymore.  No longer do I feel the spikes and dives of my sugar and caffeine levels.  No more crashes driving me into my fridge for a quick fix, and usually too much of that fix because I would be famished.  My weight is starting to shift as well. 



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  1. No Name
    Yes this can be one major problem with sugar and caffeine. But for me I have to have my caffeine to get me started in the morning. Here I grow a coffee plant that is local to our islands and this is what I grind up to make fresh coffee for me in the morning. I try to stay away from the sugar in the coffee but fresh coconut milk will replace the sugar and I do not miss the sugar at all. This is very nice. Voted. You might want to check out my latest post on Creamy Chilled Cheesecake. This one is made all at home down to the cream cheese and whipping cream that is added into the cheese cake.If you like this you can vote or just push the like and share with your FB friends.
  2. SnakeWitch
    I've done quite a lot to reduce my sugar intake. As for the coffee, not quite there yet, but I might eventually do that too. I'm glad you managed to figure out that was your problem! Voted! When you have the chance, read my new post, The Fukushima Disaster, and vote if you like it.
  3. Tatterhood
    I never thought I could quit coffee. I've been a coffee drinker for over 25 years, completely dependent upon it for waking and "energy" mid-afternoon. Ilved or died by my absolute need for it. What made it easier was this really delicious, organic herbal coffee, Teeccino. It really replaces the craving for the taste of coffee. Super yum. I cut my coffee with it over a couple of weeks, and eventually went to all Teeccino. I've tried many herbal coffees before, but this one really did it. Honestly, it feels great to be off of the stuff. I hadn't really realized just what a roller coaster it had me on until I ditched it. Oh, and I'm not shilling for Teeccino, just putting it out there for anyone interested in giving up the bean.
  4. VeganDozen
    Voted! You're right about the negative ways coffee and sugar can affect someone's health. We've stopped using sugar for years now and are really glad we have--there are so many natural sweeteners out there! Quitting coffee is hard for some people but once they have committed to do without, they never regret it. Come check out my post "Vegan Egg Substitutes" and vote if you like!
  5. kristo
    Wow, I should try this. I read an article years ago about drinking matcha (green tea powder) instead of coffee for its caffein and healthy antioxidizing quality. the problem is that without sugar, this stuff is nasty. why does sugar have to be so, voted!
    1. Akanksha
      Any good vegan alternatives to honey?
      1. kristo
        maple syrup (nearly impossible to find in Asia) and coconut syrup are very healthy sugars because they are minimally processed.
      2. SnakeWitch
        Jaggery, dear. I love it in coffee and tea.
      3. Veganara
        Funny you should ask that Akansha - I use agave nectar, or syrup, in place of honey and sugar, and it is one of the ingredients in my latest recipe, Sweet and Fruity High- Fibre Pancakes, do check it out! Can you get agave nectar in India? It is just like runny honey, but I believe that it is better for you than honey (I think it comes from a cactus-like plant in Mexico. It's amazing what they can do these days, isn't it?!)
    2. Tatterhood
      It's true, I do miss my dark chocolate treat every day. But, I'm finding that having lots of juicy fruits around really helps. Mangos and cherries can be sexy too!
  6. Akanksha
    Absolutely loved this blog! I can very well relate to it. I had initially lost weight as I became vegetarian. I gained it back the next year due to my increased affinity for sweets!! Though I have not given up tea/coffee completely, I do like to replace it with a cup of green tea with honey. I love honey and cant go vegan as long as it exists!! lolz..
    1. Tatterhood
      Lots of folks swear by agave as a sweetner as well. The interesting thing about sugar is if you don't indulge in it at all, you lose the craving for it. Lemon water helps. For some reason, every time I want to have something sweet, I drink that instead, and my craving is gone. I also keep lots of fruits around.
    2. VeganDozen
      Actually there are some very good things to say about honey. I'll post an article on this subject soon.
  7. Veganara
    Voted. Yes, I need to wean myself off caffeine too! I have reduced my sugar intake greatly, but I still drink too much tea (not as bad for you as coffee, but it still has caffeine in it!) I have started replacing some of it with herbal teas. Also, I mention agave nectar, in my comment below, which is one of the ingredients in my latest recipe, Sweet and Fruity High-Fibre Pancakes. Please check it out and vote if you like it! :-)
  8. JustVegan
    Great blog. With the right message. I do make an effort to avoid caffeine. But sugar...that's another story:) But it's on my list. Thanks for reiterating. Voted. Do come and take a look at my new post coconut macaroons and vote if you like it.
  9. Kelita kellman
    I totally agree. Most people don't realise though!


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