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5 Great Vegan Books for Young Readers
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5 Great Vegan Books for Young Readers

Reading bedtime stories is one of my favorite things to do. Capturing a child’s attention and imagination through vivid stories and beautiful illustrations never gets boring. However, some books paint an unrealistic picture of animal’s lives. If you think stories of happy cows “giving” their milk to the farmer is getting old, here are some great reads that you can feel good about sharing with little ones.  

1.       That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals by Ruby Roth

In this straightforward book, Roth introduces the concepts of vegetarianism and veganism to the young reader. The plight of factory-farmed animals is discussed throughout the story with a focus on actions children can take to be compassionate in their everyday life.

2.       Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon by Jules Bass

Herb is a special dragon who likes to grow vegetables in his garden and tries to bring peace between the carnivorous dragons and the knights of the kingdom. How will he react when he is faced with the tough decision of eating meat to save his own life?

3.       Big Blue Sky: A Christmas Story by Violet’s Vegan Comics

This story brings you into the world of two turkeys living on a free-range farm. They are dreaming of seeing the big blue sky even though they don’t really believe it exists. Will the turkeys experience a Christmas miracle?

4.       Lena of Vegitopia and the Mystery of the Missing Animals by Sybil Severin

Baby animals across the kingdom are going missing. Lena of Vegitopia and Princess Vegi-Terry-Anne join forces to find the culprit of the disappearances. Will the evil queen Carnista change her ways? This vegan take on classic fairy tales is sure to keep young ones captivated.  

5.       Santa’s First Vegan Christmas by Robin Raven

Dana, a fun-loving reindeer meets Santa on Christmas Eve. They embark on a journey together that will take them all over the world to spread holiday cheer and give presents to all the children. Dana teaches Santa how we can all be more kind to animals along the way. Who knows what will happen on Christmas morning after Santa’s first vegan Christmas?

Any child would be happy to find one of these books in their stocking this Christmas!

What is your favorite children’s book?

*Photo Credit: ThomasLife flickr Creative Commons 2.0

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  1. Acacia
    The 5 vegan books you shared were amazing. This is the perfect choice for you guys.


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