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9 Natural Vegan Pain Remedies
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9 Natural Vegan Pain Remedies

Many people take a medication every time that they experience pain. But with animal testing and animal products playing a big role in many traditional medications, it’s nearly impossible to find these types of medications that fit a Vegan lifestyle.

Luckily, it is possible to get rid of pain without using any medication. There are many natural remedies that you can use to alleviate your pain. Below is a list of some of the natural remedies that you can use to get rid of pain:


Capsaicin is an ingredient that is found in hot peppers. Studies have shown that it can help alleviate pain by desensitizing the nerve receptors that trigger the pain response. There was a study done that involved patients who had been suffering from neuropathic pain. They were given one 60 minute application of capsaicin. The results of the study showed that the subjects had pain relief for 12 weeks.


Cherries are a great food to eat if you are experiencing pain. They can help reduce inflammation, which is one of the root causes of many painful conditions, such as arthritis. Cherries also have anthocyanins, which are a group of antioxidant that have been shown to be very effective for alleviating pain.


Yoga is a practice that involves performing a series of breathing exercises and stretches. Not only does it help improve flexibility, but it can also alleviate pain. There was a study done where people who had been suffering from lower back pain performed yoga once a week for three months. The results of the study showed that yoga was more effective for alleviating lower back pain than medication or physical therapy.

Wintergreen Essential Oil

This essential oil is made up of 85 to 99 percent methyl salicyclate. This is the same ingredient that is inside of Aspirin. That is why it is a great choice for people who are looking for a natural pain reliever.

Massage Therapy

Many people treat themselves to massage therapy after having a long, stressful day. Massage therapy is not only great for alleviating stress, but it can also serve as an effective method for pain management. There was a study done where patients who had been suffering from low back pain were asked to get a massage weekly for 10 weeks. The results of the study showed that the subjects had significantly less pain in their back. Massage therapy helps increase blood flow and decrease inflammation.

Green Tea

Green tea is often used for weight loss purposes. However, it can also be very good for alleviating pain. Green tea has a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate. Studies have shown that this compound can help block pain. Furthermore, green tea is great for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. The epigallocatechin-3-gallate has been shown to help prevent the joints from breaking down.

Managing Stress

Stress can have a negative effect on just about any part of your body. It can also cause you to experience chronic pain. Chronic stress can trigger inflammation in the body. It can also worsen any existing pain that you have. That is why it is important for you to keep your stress under control. There are a variety of ways that you can eliminate stress. Meditating and exercising are examples of some things that you can do to get rid of your stress.

White Willow Bark

Salicin is the active ingredient in White Willow Bark. Salicin is converted into salicylic acid inside of the body. Salicylic acid lowers the levels of prostaglandins in the body. It can also reduce swelling and increase blood flow.


Peppermint is a natural remedy that can be used to treat a variety of aches and pains, including headaches, muscle pain and toothaches. It can also help alleviate the abdominal discomfort that is caused by gas and bloating.


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