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Five Cancer Survivors Live to Tell About How Raw Organic Foods Helped Saved Their Life
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Five Cancer Survivors Live to Tell About How Raw Organic Foods Helped Saved Their Life

Believe it or not, there are people out there who have defeated the odds and have conquered what some believe to be the unconquerable. They beat the unbeatable, fought a true fight, and have overcome cancer, which is the cause of death in an estimated eight million people annually worldwide, and they have done so by adopting a diet of raw and organic foods in addition to making other healthy lifestyle changes.

In spite of their victories, their stories won’t be found in any medical journal or scientific publication. Thus, these survivors share their stories all around the web. A couple people have written books about their experience and many have sat down and shared their stories in Youtube videos just to be a voice for what they believe is good. It’s a part of their fight back against that which kills and leaves nothing behind except memories, sorrow, and depression for their loved ones.

Many dismiss these stories because these individuals do not posses the traditional certifications, education, and training to back up their methods. However, what these survivors lack in credentials, they make up for in testimony and personal anecdote. Testimony is not often convincing enough for many diagnosed with cancer to convert to the extreme diet that these survivors adopted, but the hope is that if put to the test, more people can be saved from this often deadly condition.

Medical professionals who hear the testimony of these survivors do acknowledge some important lessons. First, that every cancer is different and what works for one cancer or individual doesn’t necessarily work for the masses. Second, they acknowledge that there is some serious value in a good diet while fighting cancer. In fact, most oncologists will encourage their patients to adopt better and healthier food choices. These are points that survivors agree with and include as disclaimers in their stories as well; they admit they do not possess medical credentials and that their success doesn’t mean their methods should automatically be approved and endorsed by the medical community.

Our cancer survivors go to the internet to share their stories to offer a solution with the hope that their method of maintaining a good raw and organic diet may be thoroughly researched and tested as a viable treatment for cancer. They share with the hope that they can present an alternate treatment to chemotherapy and radiation therapy to those diagnosed with cancer. These survivors know that globally there are tons of different witch doctor natural methods that don’t work. However, they found in their own experience that an extremely healthy raw vegan diet with high volumes of juicing to detox, while being a drastic lifestyle change to them, is not a cure for cancer but a cure for the body.

Still interested in hearing more? Take a look at their stories below.

 Chris Wark - Colon Cancer Survivor

Diagnosed in 2003 with stage three colon cancer, Chris made a decision to not do any chemotherapy and to just go on a pure raw vegan diet. This included heavy amounts of juicing, plenty of salads, and an intense variety of fruits, and vegetables. It worked, he survived, and even ten years after his diagnosis he went on popular TV shows, including Ricki Lake, to explain his success.

Janette Murray-Wakelin - Breast Cancer Survivor

The hardest day of Janet’s life was when she found out she had a very aggressive breast cancer. The doctors made it clear that she would be lucky to have even six months to live. When it dawned on her that her grandchild would only see her for the next few months she was determined to overcome this aggressive fatal cancer. What’s impressive about the raw vegan diet that Janette took on is her focus on wheatgrass juice containing a multitude of nutrients as well as chlorophyll, which can aid in anemic conditions and increasing oxygen delivery to the body tissues. Janet is still going strong to this day.

Paul Kraus - Longest Living Mesothelioma Survivor

Mesothelioma is as deadly as it gets and very few survive it. Paul Kraus knew exactly that when in 1997 a surgeon found the cancerous tumors in his lungs. That was 19 years ago, and Paul is still alive, healthy, and cancer free. He completely adjusted his diet to be natural and organic and then went further; he did everything in his power to eliminate any stress, increased his exercise, sleep, and adopted every lifestyle change that he felt increased his body’s positive energy.

Marcia Schaefer - Papillary Thyroid Cancer and Malignant Melanoma Survivor

In 2010, Marcia received the unfortunate news that she had not one but two different types of cancer growing in her body. On September 8, 2011 she was declared completely cancer free. What was her cure? She fully adopted the Gerson Therapy, a therapy that focuses on 100% raw organic juicing every single hour of each day. The therapy also includes coffee enemas, which help cleanse some of the most critical organs in the body. Marcia is a huge believer in the diet and would encourage other cancer patients to take a deeper look into it.

Joyce Forsythe - Lymphoma Survivor

In her late 60s, just as she was starting to enjoy retirement with her husband, Joyce was diagnosed with stage IV mantle cell, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At her age there was very little chance for survival. She  and her husband decided to avoid all the chemo drugs and instead fill up her body with the best possible vitamins and nutrients. They followed the Gerson Therapy, just as Marcia did, and Joyce came out strong. She is currently in her late 70s and still cancer free.

In Conclusion

These anecdotes are not intended to present a sure-fire cure for any disease. As stated before, going on a much healthier diet is encouraged to all and is often recommended when one is diagnosed with cancer in particular. The hopes are to help others find their path to a cure and see the alternatives to our current standards in cancer treatment. 


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    This is so interesting! Treatments definitely do vary. So glad following a healthy raw diet helped these amazing survivors.


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