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15 Healthy Dessert & Snack Options
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15 Healthy Dessert & Snack Options

I feel like if I neglect myself from eating any sweets (healthy sweets.. not packaged processed stuff ;)), that's when I will be more likely to overeat unhealthy foods. I always allow myself to have a day (or two!) out of the week to indulge in vegan pancakes, some extra avocado, vegan cheese, homemade raw desserts...etc. Desserts doesn't automatically mean "unhealthy". I've tried to find a variety of vegan goodies that use all whole foods. Some include nuts, coconut milk , coconut oil and avocado, which are high in fats, but they are the good fats that your body needs. Just eat sensible amounts, as with any other foods you are preparing. That said, including healthy fats such as avocado and coconut oil into your diet may even help you lose weight, or to keep weight off.

Creative and healthy Vegan desserts and snacks

  1. Mango, Lime & Coconut Pudding
  2. Raw Chocolate Pudding
  3. Apricot Almond Bars
  4. Garam Masala Eggplant Chips
  5. Raw Chocolate Buckwheat Treats (Dehydrator recipe, but can use an oven)
  6. Banana Soft Serve (omg...!! so good and uses ONLY frozen bananas) *Yummy suggestion: Blend frozen bananas with a few frozen strawberries for strawberry icecream/softserve
  7. Baked Pears with Cranberries & Cashew Cream
  8. Raw Mango Chia Pudding
  9. Banana Bread Pudding
  10. Raw Mini Carrot Cake
  11. Strawberry Fruit Rollups (Yummy! Another dehydrator recipe)
  12. Raw Rhubarb Bars
  13. Oat Jelly Bars
  14. Baked Banana Cake
  15. Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips (Dehydrator..can make in oven)

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