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20 Delicious Vegan Burger Recipes
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20 Delicious Vegan Burger Recipes

Who doesn't love the comfort of biting into a crunchy, flavorful, ultimately satisfying veggie burger? Sure, from a health perspective, we don't want to dive into a burger and fries for every meal, but some days you gotta' dance, am I right? While packaged veggie burgers can be handy in a pinch, those made up fresh at home are by far the best tasting, most cost effective, and have the best quality ingredients. From eggplant to chickpeas to potatoes and black beans, veggie burgers boost us into the stratosphere of vegan awesomification. So go ahead: pick and choose or work your way down the list and take you and your friends on a culinary adventure. The best thing about these burgers? They don't ruin the party for everyone else! And there are so many options! I've compiled a list of yummy vegan burger/patty/fritter recipes. I'm sure you'll be able to find at least one that peaks your fancy! I've tried about 10 of the 20 recipes...very delicious. Put them on a piece of romaine lettuce or a salad if you want lighter fare.

You should be able to freeze a lot of these so you can make extra and have some on hand. I'd often do so during my school year so I wouldn't always have to make food every day.

Vegan Burger Recipes

  1. Grilled Eggplant Burger
  2. Black Bean Burger
  3. Lentil Burger
  4. Bean & Oats Burger
  5. Spicy Black Bean Burger
  6. Lentil and Broccoli Patty
  7. Curry Chickpea Patties
  8. Potato Veggie Burger
  9. Mushroom Burger
  10. Spicy Curry Chickpea Burgers
  11. Kidney Bean Burger
  12. Black Bean Burger with Cornmeal
  13. Portobello Mushroom Burger
  14. Black Bean Burger
  15. Beet Latkes
  16. Salsa Verde Sliders with Avocado Mayo
  17. • Sweet Potato Burgers
  18. • Eggplant Burger
  19. • Crispy Cajun Chickpea Cakes
  20. • Baked Falafel Patties

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*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    Man, the F-shares on this thing keep on ringing up!
  2. Clare
    Yeah, it's awesome! :o) Vegan burgers are so much fun to make. I made portobello ones tonight. --Clare
  3. jayson
    What a wonderful collection! Nice work Clare! There's another good collection at, it's just starting out but the project sounds interesting. When I travel, I always have a hard time finding which restaurants sell the best veggie burgers in town. The site lets you post burgers in restaurants near you.
  4. CVK
    Wow, that's a lot of burgers!!! Thanks for posting this Clare! I didn't see my favorite recipe by Isa Chandra Moskowitz for olilve lentil burgers though. Here's how they're made: And here is the recipe:
  5. Volunteer
    I'd been looking for a cheese substitute for awhile...but nothing tasted very good. I did find one that I think is the best so far. It's called Daiya. So if you like "cheese" veggie burgers...check out their site and see if a store near you carries their products. It's great for making pizza too! Now we have pizza night every Friday and make our pizza at home with the mozzarella shreds.
  6. Volunteer's their statement about the you know what you're eating.


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