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Easy Vegan Sour Cream
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Easy Vegan Sour Cream

Prep Time: 2 mins.

Cook Time: 5 mins.

One of the most popular Honduran dishes is called Baleadas.

A baleada is a wheat flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed refried beans, sour cream and crumbled white cheese. I usually make baleadas for breakfast or dinner with refried black beans, avocado and hot sauce. Some people in Honduras also add scrambled eggs, ground meat, sausage or chicken- not me!  

I’ve wanted my husband to try baleadas with vegan sour cream so I tried to make some at home.  Wow!  It came out so good and it was so easy to make.  

Sour cream is a staple in many kitchens, kept on hand to make dips, casseroles, sauces, soups and to top baked potatoes.  It came out thick and creamy.  I'll keep a pint in the fridge at al times now; to top Mexican plates: nachos, burritos, enchiladas, etc. 

I am also thinking of trying many new recipes now: Vegan Alfredo Sauce, Vegan “beef” Stroganoff, Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup, Potato soup with sour cream and chives, etc. and am sure it will also work for cookies, cakes and breads.

Easy Vegan Sour Cream


  • 1 (12 ounce) box extra firm organic tofu, drained
  • 1 tbsp. lime juice (juice of ½ lime)
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 tsp. salt


  1. Place all ingredients in a food processor or high-powered blender.
  2. Puree for about five minutes until smooth and creamy.
  3. Refrigerate!


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Karine Jaar
    Karine Jaar
    Just made it ;)
    1. Norma Plum
      Norma Plum
      how did you like it Karine?
  2. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    This sounds delicious and healthy. Thanks!
    1. Norma Plum
      Norma Plum
      really easy to make too Melissa!
  3. Sunshine
    Perfecccccccttttttttttttt <3333333333 I've been dying for sour cream and I've been eyeing the Daisy in the fridge for the LONGGESSTT time lol Do you happen to have a recipe for cream cheese?
    1. Norma Plum
      Norma Plum
      Not yet Sunshine, but would love to find one, my husband loves bagels and cream cheese. Will try to make some this week.
  4. Andrew Knighton
    Andrew Knighton
    What a great idea - I'm cooking chilli for a group of friends with mixed diets tomorrow night, will give this a go as an accompaniment.
    1. Norma Plum
      Norma Plum
      great Andrew! Let me know how you like it!
      1. Andrew Knighton
        Andrew Knighton
        Well, it took me longer than intended to get round to it, but this really worked. I had some of it with a chilli, and used the leftovers for cooking, for which it worked surprisingly well. Thanks for a great easy recipe!
        1. Norma Plum
          Norma Plum
          You're welcome Andrew, glad you liked it!
  5. magermon
    I 'll never buy vegan sour cream again! Thank you, this just tastes awesome!
    1. Norma Plum
      Norma Plum
      I know right? It's so good ! (It's great over black beans).
  6. projectxreborn
    This is a stupid question but do you mean the soft tofu type like Silken or the regular tofu that's packed in a bag with water?


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