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4 Rules for Vegan Dating
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4 Rules for Vegan Dating

Dating is hard for everyone, but being a vegan does not make it any easier for sure! Here are some simple tips to help you in the dating game.

Have patience for where they are in their vegan journey.

Not everyone adopts a vegan lifestyle with ease. Some people have to transition in stages, that is perfectly ok! It is also ok to be a “part-time” vegan. So never expect to find someone who completely shares your point of view on living and eating. Just support where they are right now, as you both create a future together.

Sometimes just agree to disagree.

Since no two people are exactly alike, sometimes you just have to agree on what you will always disagree on. It is possible to date a non-vegan you and your date just have be flexible.

Know what you can and cannot consent to.

If you are a super passionate, hardcore adherent to veganism with zero tolerance for any backsliding on your values, then do not try and date someone who can not agree to them. Both of you will only frustrate the other, letting each other down and pushing buttons. Instead try and find a community of like minded individuals that can support you and share in your lifestyle. Join online forums, go to conventions and meetups, and seek out others online and in your community.

Don’t expect someone to change for your convenience.

Dating someone isn’t about trying to convert them into your idealistic impression of a perfect match. A relationship is built on mutual intimacy, communication, and respect for each other. That includes respecting each other’s values. Knowing what you can and can not tolerate in a partner will make your romantic life easier. If you know there is no way you could ever date a non-vegan, then do not feel pressured to do so, and at the same time don’t go on a campaign to create your ideal mate by changing someone else.


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  1. Vin Chauhun
    Vin Chauhun
    For some reason i find Veggie woman more appealing - and i have tried to figure it out but to avail. I don't have anything against carnivores but i always tend to gravitate towards the non-meat eater in the group. .and many times it happens unconsciously Great post and voted up
    1. sharonsing0019
      Thank you for your support! And perhaps its the glow vegans have from all those delicious fruits and veggies.
      1. Vin Chauhun
        Vin Chauhun
        Ha!!! Very close to the truth. I tried dating a few meat eaters. Its just to off-putting. My dates where otherwise smart women. But, I just couldn't see past their eating habits. As a South African, its hard finding a veggie date, and the local veggie is mostly scattered throughout the province(KZN province) LOL....of course I could be just making excuses coz I'm too lazy to look :)


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