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4 Tips for Picking The Perfect Dessert Wine for Your Next Dinner Party
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4 Tips for Picking The Perfect Dessert Wine for Your Next Dinner Party

After enjoying a delicious meal, you might be in the mood for something sweet. Along with that sweet dessert, you could have a glass of wine that complements the flavors in a way that is indescribable. There are numerous wines out there for you to choose from, but keep in mind a few tips for selecting the best dessert wine that will blend well with everything from chocolate to creams that are used in the side dish.

Brings Out The Best 

Before selecting the wine, try a few samples with a dessert that you will likely have after dinner. The flavors should settle well on the palette while bringing out the best features of the dessert. Many of these wines are sweet, but you don't have to get one that features sweet notes on top of the others that will be with the desserts at your dinner party. A nice grape wine goes well with sweeter dishes.

Go To The Experts 

If you need some help choosing a wine for a dinner party, then go to a winery or a ranch where there are people who know a bit more about the flavors and how they work with other flavors. It's best to schedule your visit a few weeks ahead of your dinner party so that you can have time to decide on which wine you want after pondering your options. Working with those in the wine industry, like the professionals at Chankaska Winery, will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered and gain valuable insight. If you purchase a few wines at a time, then you can often get a discount on your order.

Color Matters 

White wines often pair better with desserts. They aren't as sweet, and you can combine a white wine with everything from fruits to pies and cakes. There is a range of sweetness with white wines, so if you select a few different ones to offer to your guests, then you're likely to have something that they will enjoy. Consider pairing a white wine with some good organic cake, tarts, or truffles. If you get the right color and pairing, you will easily have one of the better dessert pairings around.

Smaller Bottles

You don't need a large amount of wine with your dessert. Most of the wines that work well with desserts come in smaller bottles anyway. Think about the number of people you'll have at the party as a typical serving is about two ounces. If you have a smaller amount of wine available, you will give your guests a chance to sample the various desserts as without the chance of getting a sick stomach. Your desert wine should be something that is refined and is for taste, not to drink unwise amounts of it.

An ideal dessert wine is one that is a blend of sweet and dry flavors. Look at the color of the wine as this will help you decide which kind you should get. Another way to find the perfect beverage for your dinner party is to ask those who work with wine on a daily basis.

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