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  Sampling the Vegan Scene in NYC
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Sampling the Vegan Scene in NYC

I have recently returned from a short winter break in New York City, my first ever visit there.  For the most part, I loved it, as it is a very vibrant, exciting place, and very vegan-friendly. I had heard that fact in advance from other vegans I know who have visited. You can get vegan sandwiches in almost every shop, for example, which you certainly cannot here in the UK. (You can usually only get vegan sandwiches in certain shops in Central London, but not where I live, out in the suburbs).

We flew into JFK Airport on 12 December, and after we had checked into our hotel we went out for something to eat.  We headed for a place called Two Boots Pizzas, which my friend knew about from her visit there before. This place does all types of wonderful pizzas, including a very tasty vegan one. A very large slice, with lots of vegetable toppings, only costs around $4-5 (we also visited this place a couple of nights later, where they did not have the slices in but did have whole vegan pizzas for $11, margarita-style, i.e. cheese and tomato. I asked for some extra vegetable toppings on mine, which they put on, free of charge). The cheese they use on the vegan pizzas was Daiya, which I had heard a lot about, but not tried, as until recently it was only available in the US and Canada, not the UK. It’s really delicious, very creamy, with an authentically cheesy texture. I wanted to buy some of it to bring back home, but one problem was that it needs to be kept refrigerated, and another was that in any case, customs restrictions means that we are not allowed to bring any food back into the country. Daiya is definitely one of the best dairy-free cheeses I have tried, though, so I am glad I have now got to sample it.

The following morning we went out for breakfast since our hotel did not include breakfast or any meals as part of our booking. We went to another place which my friend knew of, a vegan restaurant chain called Terris. The branch we went to was on Third Avenue, Midtown East. It is more of a take-out type of place than a venue for a sit-down meal, but there are some seats at a counter, so we stayed there to have our breakfast. What I liked about this place was that they make all types of amazing fake meats, which I am quite partial to, e.g fake “bacon” sandwiches, mock-chicken, BBQ Pulled “Pork”, etc.  They have a full range of sandwiches, wraps, and salads, plus entrees, sides, desserts, smoothies, and breakfast dishes. They have around 4-5 types of plant milk options in stock as well, so I had coconut milk in my coffee. For the meal, I opted for the “Bacon, Egg and Cheese” Breakfast Muffin for $5.95, which was delicious and very filling (I think the “egg” part was tofu).  I just wish we had a place like this near me! Oh well, maybe in the future... The times are a-changing after all; veganism is becoming more and more mainstream.  

For my other meals, I was able to buy vegan sandwiches in many of the shops, and vegan burgers in restaurants, and I also ate Asian food such as rice, noodle and vegetable dishes, so I certainly didn’t go hungry! So all in all, I really enjoyed NYC, and not least because of the great vegan options you can get there.


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