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Vegan Mollete
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Vegan Mollete

Prep Time: 5 mins.

Cook Time: 7-10 mins.

You know how sometimes you wake up on a Monday morning and realize you don’t have much food leftover from the weekend? You say to yourself, “Someone needs to go the grocery store.” That was me this morning. Woke up, set the coffee maker and then I opened the fridge to start making my husband’s lunch and was not sure what to do. I had bagels, which was good for his breakfast, but then what for lunch? And then I had a moment of inspiration and this is what I did. I  sliced a sourdough bun lengthwise, drizzled some oil oil over it and put it in the the panini toaster. Then I reheated some homemade refried beans I’d made last Friday, spread some on the bread and topped it with some shredded vegan mozzarella cheese from Trader Joe’s. Then I put it in the oven for a few minutes, until de cheese melted. I then reopened the fridge and found a little bit of pico de gallo leftover and topped the cheese with it. And something we always have at home is Chipotle hot sauce, so I added a few drops to add some extra spicy taste. And it turned out great!! a Mexican Mollete.

I don’t know if you all know them, but they are very popular in Mexico and Central America. Molletes are refried bean and cheese open-faced sandwiches, which are usually served for breakfast. They are prepared by slicing a bread roll lengthwise, spread with refried beans and topped with melted cheese and pico de gallo. That’s the beauty of an almost empty fridge, no food waste and great meals.


• 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

• 2 fresh bread rolls, cut length wise

• ¼ cup homemade Refried Black Beans

• 6 ounces vegan mozzarella cheese, shredded

• ½ cup Pico de Gallo

• Chipotle hot sauce *optional


1. Preheat the oven or toaster oven to 500°F.

2. Drizzle each bread half with extra virgin olive oil and place them, cut sides down, in the Panini toaster or on a lightly heated pan until it’s warm.

3. Heat the refried black beans and spread a thin layer over the toasted side of each roll. Top with a thin layer of shredded cheese.

4. Transfer to the oven and broil until the cheese is melted and starts to bubble.

5. Top the molletes with pico de gallo and a few drops of Chipotle hot sauce.

6. Serve warm.

Tip: if you also happen to have an avocado, just peel, slice and dice it and top the mollete with it.

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