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humane Killing and reverence to an innocent animal
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humane Killing and reverence to an innocent animal

 I always like to start off saying that everyone is on their own path and journey in this life ..and agian...I was planing on posting a recipe or a light subject am always willing to respond with honesty..even brutal honesty to anyone who asks about my vegan choices...sooooooo...

this past weekend i had four gatherings/cookouts that I was invited to. they all knew I was a vegan...I new that there would be regular cook out choices and I brought my own "burgers" and "dogs" to put on the problem there...had a good time and all went well...

The last gathering was small with  few good friends who respect and "accomodate" my choices..we had grilled veggies and bamboo rice and all was very delish...One of the friends asked me about dairy and that opened the gates...."jane" asked..."don't you miss bacon?..bacon is so good! do you do it?..Just the smell of bacon in the pan is sooo good!...I said...."well "Jane" be brutaly honest with you,the smell is nauseating to me"..The thought of eating  the flesh of an animal that was brutally killed does not appeal to me at sickens me...

"mary" said:.."I have a great story....I have some friends that had a little piglet..they loved that piglet..raised it as a pet..the piglet had a great life..never suffered,had plently of food and love...then one day they decided to eat it....They shot it and it died instantly..never knew what hit it..and they cooked and ate it with great reverance.."

I loked at her in astonishment..."so it was ok because they had great reverence?"..

"sure" didn't suffer!..they thanked it for giving it's life for thier meal"..I said"well..the poor piglet didn't hve a choice!".."do we as "higher" beings have that right to make it ok just by saying thanks?

soooo..IMHO...I guess we have a very long way to go in thinking as a race of beings that we are better than all others on this planet and can make the choice for them ........



Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. This is a great blog, you write well, and I am totally behind you. Actually, the story you tell about the pig who was raised and killed "humanely" reminds me of a debate I and some vegan friends of mine are having at present on a Facebook page called Meat-Eaters For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (Oxymoron, eh???) They all think they have the right to take life too, as long as it is "humanely " done! Sick. You might like my latest recipe, Awesome Aubergine Rolls - that is a good one to feed to omnivores, actually! If you like it, please vote.
  2. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    The pig story is unbelievable :(. How could anyone do that? So wrong and simply disturbing. Sorry you were subjected to that. hang in there. Voted. Check out my cantaloupe Popsicle recipe and vote if you like. They are healthy and yummy and I hope they will bring a smile to your face :)
  3. Luella Berg
    Luella Berg
    I'm with Virtually Homemade -- that's unbelievable. Can you imagine raising a dog or a cat as a pet and then one day deciding to eat it? What is wrong with people?! Voted. I, too, get frustrated with the "reverence" and "thanking for sacrifice" arguments. As if that makes a difference for animals who were killed against their will.


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