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flavored taho
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flavored taho

Recipe of Strawberyflavored taho (cold)


- 1 liter of soy milk

- 1 teaspoon of powdered gulaman (mix with tap water to dissolve)

- Boil 1 liter of soymilk with a medium fire, when start boiling, pour the powdered gulaman and place in a shaping bowl

- set aside


Caramel syrup - 1:1 brown sugar in water, boil in a low fire and stir

Put strawberry flakes in the caramel syrup

pour the caramel syrup in taho, put in the fridge.


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  1. Carolyn
    Caramel-Strawberry syrup would probably be good to flavor a smoothie.....will have to experiment. I am not familiar with a Taho. Do you drink it or use it as an ingredient in recipes?
  2. Cornelia
    Taho is a product of soybeans but this is after soy milk. If you are familiar with tofu, this is the soft side of tofu and taste as a dessert. This soymilk has a lot of protein, calcium and b complex from vegetables. Taho is very attractive to children so there is no worry for the vegetable intake of the kids. Thanks for the comments
    1. Carolyn
      Okay, I am picturing something similar in consistency to cheesecake! Sounds very good!
      1. Carolyn
        Vote #2!
  3. Cornelia
    That's a good idea! I think we can substitute soymilk taho to chees - milk. Let me know if it is successful so that I will try also.
  4. Aliza Jones
    Flavored Taho made my day due to getting ready within minutes and tastes really delicious. I recommend every chef to try this at home and learn to pay for essay on website for easy job completion or writing recipe manual.
  5. Lisa Justin
    I specially here to give your review about the Taho. She saw your page by source. Actually my wife visited your page and she decided to make this special dish on our anniversary which was absolutely amazing.


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