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Being a Vegetarian Was Not Enough
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Being a Vegetarian Was Not Enough

Every day is a learning experience....and we are all on our own personal journey....Being vegetarian most of my life I was very naive to say the least..When I decided to become Vegan..I had a lot to learn...It wasn't just about not eating way baybeeee!


For example...the products in the market that had traces of animals were abundant for sure...I learned about white sugar and how they process it with bone char/carbon from animal bones...and that threw me for a loop....animal based glycerine in jello and pop tarts...sooooo many....even a brand of OJ had animal dirivitives ..oh my!.....sooo what to do?


RESERCH! RESERCH! RESERCH!..websites have lists of vegan products..but...are they really?..As I've always said..knowledge IS power....empower your self!!!!.ask, write companies and ask about their at local stores if possible...don't help to perpetuate animal suffering and cruelty..sign petitions snd spread the word about big companies that participate in harming what ever you cruelty free shoes, hand bags, belts,the list can go on and what ever you can...

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  1. Veganara
    Vote no 2. Good blog. Yes, it's true, there is so much more to being a vegan than diet, isn't there? It's not easy, but definitely worth it.
  2. Carolyn
    Vote #3! Thanks for sharing from the heart!
  3. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    You said it! I admit that I am still a vegetarian, not yet vegan, but I am increasingly horrified when I do the research.
    1. alexandra bezerra
      Hey Melissa!...thanks for your comment!..I have always approached life and my life in particular this way...It is different, not hard...there is always a way....keep going forward in your journey!
  4. deepam
    Voted for food for thought. Are toothpastes really vegetarian or vegan? Don't think so but how do we really get to know the true facts?


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