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Zen Vegitation
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Zen Vegitation

This article has less to do specifically with veganism than it does with meditation, but being that this is a vegan site, ipso facto, this article is geared toward vegans; thus "Zen Vegitation." Now, what I'm not going to do is discuss emitting a steady Om mantra while seated in front of your favorite dish, with your eyes closed (though if you want to do that, or do already, feel free. I'm not here to judge ^_^).

I'm discussing meditation because it is good to have the balance of introspection in contrast to the constant demand for continuous doing and mindless action. Too much of one thing will cause harm – a disharmony, and if there is disharmony, then harmony is pretty difficult to come by.

When performing meditation, it is important to provide oneself with appropriate ventilation, and environment. Make sure that you will not be disturbed in accordance with the length of time you plan to meditate. Put up signs, caution tape, a red flashing "On Air" light that you scavenged from a radio station, whatever; as long as you get the message across that "I'm getting my Om on in here, so please respect!"

To begin with, I will ask you to sit, either way you find comfortable will do. Meditation does not have to be sitting on a cushion in the lotus position, with your hands on your knees. You can lay down, stand, hang upside down by your tail like a spider monkey, it's up to you (A word of caution: If you do decide to hang upside down, please, for the love of God, place some mats or something soft underneath. Not as much of a concern for monkeys, but for us, you bet'chya! I've heard stories, is all I'm saying). The lotus position is simply used because it is the most stable, and compact of all postures. It's like a little self-contained meditation mass just sitting on the floor. If you were to pick them up, the legs and hands would effortlessly stay in their original locations, and they would just be like a statue, which is why I added "compact" to the description. So, stable, compact, statue-esque is what the lotus position provides, but like I said before, it is not a requirement to meditate.

Next, depending on what position you have decided to adopt, rest the hands loosely and relaxed. Now, the body must be relaxed. If your mind is going a million miles a minute, then relaxing the body will ultimately lead to relaxing the mind, and vise versa. Make sure as few muscles are flexed as possible. There are times when a muscle will do a sneak flexion on you, particularly the thighs when your seated, so it is useful to use your mind to scan your body intermittently to regulate phantom flexing. Now, breathe. Bring notice to your breathing, ever so gently. At this point if you are just starting out with meditation, don't try to manipulate your breathing in any way. Just observe. You can have your eyes closed or open, which ever feels best at the moment according to your emotional barometer. In Zen, there is no guided meditation, but if you like that sort of thing, then be my guest. Now, you're meditating. Just sit, and be here, with ever breath that you take in and out. That is all there is. Noises are just noises that your own ears are commanding. The baby crying for milk or because she has a soiled diaper is just a noise. She doesn't know that you're meditating. She has no idea of the ground breaking spiritual strides that you are forging at this very moment. So you say "no, baby! This is my time now!"

End your session by slowly opening your eyes (if they were closed), and arise from your chosen position, and conclude with a nice calming walk. You have just finished your meditation session, but to take things further, meditation is not simply confined to the cushion. In Zen, all of life is a beginningless and endless meditation. Sitting is just sitting. There is such a thing as Zen cooking, Zen laughing, Zen anything. So enjoy, and I hope this article was helpful to you! ^_^ 嘻嘻!

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  1. Carolyn
    I believe we all need to escape the noise and business and enjoy God's beautiful nature and sometimes just the quiet! Well written article!
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      Yes, it's true! Just doing my part to spread the word around. Thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked the article ^_^
  2. BuddhasDelight
    I Am a meditation teacher, and if there is one thing i know for sure it's that the 'kingdom of heaven is within.' Thank you for this fun-loving, insightful article. I appreciate your humor! there are a lot of misconceptions about what meditation is and people can find it intimidating. Thank you for reitterating that it is really just 'sitting' and being with what is, non-doing, awareness... my favorite line in your article is; "all of life is a beginningless and endless meditation." Indeed! Thank you for sharing your Light, my friend! Blessings on the path. Zen Rocks!
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      Yes, indeed, Zen rocks harder than an avalanche on mount Everest haha.... I'm glad that you liked the article so much. Thank you for reading *(*_*)* Hehe, humor is, so no choice but to use it, and also it can help to open some doors that have been swollen shut. It's great to have a friend on the meditative path. Let's be sure to keep in touch :-)


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