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Yummy Healthy Gluten-Free Alternatives to Bread
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Yummy Healthy Gluten-Free Alternatives to Bread

Whether you have a gluten intorerance and find it hard to locate gluten-free breads (Not to mention that they are usually pretty darn expensive), or would just like some "lighter" options to the conventional sandwich or wrap, I have tried to come up with a list of things for you to try.

Even though I love salads, I find them even more exciting when they are wrapped up in something (Is that weird?...Nahh :)). Then I can take them on my way with me, dip them into things, eat them with my hands... yay! Hopefully something in this post will catch your eye and inspire you to try out a new recipe or two!

Whilst these are not great to premake (they can get soggy/dried out), they really won't take you long to do if you premake and prechop the filling and just leave a few minutes to wrap them up before you head out to work / school etc.


Mentioned in this post:

  • Romaine Lettuce Leaves 
  • Collard Green Leaves 
  •  Grape Leaves 
  •  Rice Paper Sheets 
  •  Nori Seaweed Sheets 
  •  Plus Recipes & Filling Ideas!


Romaine Lettuce Leaves

 I always keep romaine lettuce in the fridge. Just take a few large leaves, give them a wash, place some julienned veggies or spread at the bottom and roll them up. I find it helps to gently press down of the stem to split it in half so it is more pliable and easier to wrap up. Downside is that they are not too great if you want to store them in the fridge. Making as many as you are going to eat in one sitting is best! Although you can premake or prechop the filling and just quickly wrap them up. Takes no time at all! You can use a tooth pick to help hold them together, but remember to remove it before you take a bite. 

Filling ideas: 

  1. Chickpea "tuna" spread, leftover stir fry filling, julienned veggies, vegan ground "meat" or slices, vegan cheese, pate, quinoa, brown rice, raw sunflower seed spread...


Collard Green Leaves:

Have you tried these out before? They make delicious wraps! The preparation can be a little more time consuming, as it is nice to marinate these and cut out any tough stems, but if you do have the extra time, they make lovely appetizers or a healthy light snack. My favourite way to eat these are by making Spicy Thai Collard Green Wraps. So good!

Collard Wrap Recipes:

  1. Spicy Thai Wraps (These are awesome!)
  2. Raw Dolmas (Using collard greens instead of grape leaves)
  3. Curried Tempeh Wraps


Grape Leaves / Dolmas:

 Grape leaves can be found in jars or cans. Sometimes you can buy ones that are already stuffed and wrapped, or you can get just the leaves. These are a little finicky, since the leaves are quite delicate and it can be easy to tear them. I would suggest these more as a special event or lunch gathering, as opposed to when you are looking for a quick meal. However, with a little practice, they won't take as much time to prepare.

Dolma Recipes: Mediterranean Dolmas with Green Tahini Sauce


Rice Paper Sheets:

These are awesome. You can find them in the "Ethnic" or "International" sections of grocery stores. They are circular in shape and usually come in a see through circular plastic container. They are stiff until you quickly soak them in warm water for a few seconds, and then they become completely pliable. Prepare a smooth and clean surface, and either run a rice paper sheet under warm water or get out a narrow dish that is large enough for the rice paper and fill with a bit of warm water. Dip the paper in and then carefully transfer to the smooth surface. Add a couple of tablespoons of your filling near the bottom of the rice paper, fold the bottom over top, then fold over the left and right side. Try to make it as tight as possible without tearing the sheet. Then roll the rest of the wrap up from the bottom. It can help to run a bit of water on the top edge of the sheet to help seal the wrap.

If my "How to Make Rice Paper Wraps" wasn't very easy to understand (I'm pretty sure it wasn't :P), here is a post with photos which explains how to make them: How to Roll Rice Paper

Tip #1: Instead of leaving the wraps as is, you can roll them, wet a sharp knife and then cut them into little pieces, kind of like sushi! Then you can get out some chop sticks and eat them that way.

Tip #2: Try baking your rice paper wraps in the oven for a few minutes, or until they are crispy. Much healthier alternative to fried spring rolls.

Rice Paper Roll Recipes:

  1. Cold rice paper rolls with chickpea spread and portobello
  2. Gluten Free Vegan Samosas 
  3. Sweet Potato Carrot Spring Rolls


Nori Seaweed Sheets:

You're probably well aware of nori if you are a fan of sushi. You can buy nori sheets toasted or raw and make your own rolls using an inexpensive bamboo sushi mat. You can fill these with pate, spreads, julienned veggies... To help seal the nori roll, run a bit of water along the top of the sheet so it helps the edges stay stuck together. If you want to have this on the go, opt to not cut the roll into pieces and just eat it like a burrito!

Nori Wrap Recipes:

  1. Crispy Tofu Uramaki
  2. Vegetable Nori Wraps
  3. Raw Almond Veggie Pate Nori Rolls (By Ani Phyo - An awesome raw food chef)


Filling/Spread Recipes:

  1. Mock Egg Salad - I have made this and it really is "eggy"! I used premade vegan mayo instead of making cashew mayo though. Works just the same. 
  2. Vegan Sloppy Joe Filling
  3. Seafoody "Tuna" Spread
  4. Tuna Fish-Free Spread 
  5. Chickpea Coleslaw Spread/Salad
  6. Raw "Tuna" Pate (using sunflower seeds)


Happy healthy eating my lovelies! :)


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  1. Veganara
    Voted. A lot of wonderful ideas here, thank you so much. I am like you, I love salads, but I find them more exciting if they are wrapped in something! You might be interested in my latest blog here, A Meatless Monday With the Family. Check it out if you get time and please vote if you like it. :-)
    1. Clare
      Thank you Veganara :) I will check out your blog! Thanks for checking out and voting for mine. Ciao :o) --Clare
  2. No Name
    This is a lot of recipes and information to read. Very interesting. I have read a few of your links and I like the ideas on them. I too like wrapping in rice paper. Here in Tahiti we have a lot of products from China and rice paper is one of them. This makes an excellent wrap. I will have to try some of these recipes for rice paper. You might like to read my post on Vegan Spicy Banana Peppers. I adore the spicy foods and wonder if they will do well in one of these wraps. Voted
  3. Pierre
    Vey interesting and a lot of links to follow. I am not one to follow so many links. I would like to read all of this in one place if at all possible. I understand you have taken a lot of time to find these sites for us. If you can give us the information and where you have located this in your next entry this would be very helpful to me. I do not have a lot of free time to click on each link and read each site you have listed. I find your blog very interesting and well done except for the linking issues I have encountered when trying to read some of your articles.


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