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Your Organic Garden Loves a Healthy Soil: Here's How to Get It
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Your Organic Garden Loves a Healthy Soil: Here's How to Get It

Nowadays, more and more people are getting involved with organic gardening. It’s a great way to save money, stay healthy, and learn about growing one’s own food. Since this is a relatively new domain for many people, it can be hard to know what’s best for your garden. One of the most important things your organic plants will need is a healthy soil to provide them with all of their essential nutrients and minerals. Start looking after your soil today, and your organic garden will love you for it.

Taking care of your soil is such a hot topic at the moment that the United Nations General Assembly recently named 2015 as the “Year of the Soil". It’s clear to see that people need to educate themselves on the proper ways to look after soil, and the first lesson people need to learn is that your soil is a living entity, and should be treated as such. Beneath the surface, a whole world exists-- full of microorganisms that work together in a delicately balanced ecosystem to keep the soil healthy and provide the ideal conditions for the growth of organic plants.

With the right microbes in your soil, any potentially dangerous organisms will be killed and your plants will be protected and healthier than ever. However, these microbes won’t survive without a bit of help and loving care from gardeners, and this is why it’s important to take action and look after your soil. Just a handful of dirt can contain billions of bacteria, along with fungi, arthropods, earthworms and more. And all of these organisms interact with the elements in the soil in beneficial ways. To help these organisms, gardeners should add plenty of compost and mulch to their soil on a regular basis.

All of these organisms need to be kept healthy and active in order to provide your plants with the ideal environment. Your organic garden will be protected by fungi that grow around plant roots and allow for the passage of water and air throughout the living soil. Other types of fungi actually feed the plants directly, by gathering nutrients and placing them into the roots of a plant, which respond by providing the fungi with vital sugars and energy sources in a mutually beneficial relationship. The use of chemicals and excessive shoveling or disturbing of the soil can have drastic effects on this delicate ecosystem and destroy millions of helpful organisms.

By cutting down on your tilling and digging and other physical activities that might harm the organisms within the soil, and by avoiding any potentially dangerous chemical fertilizers or gardening products, you’ll be on your way to creating the healthy soil your organic garden will love. A miniature world is living beneath the surface of the earth and it must be treated with the proper care and attention for it to continue to thrive. In return, the organisms creating your precious, priceless soil will reward you with healthy and prosperous organic plants for years to come.

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