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You Say Tomato, I say Tomato
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You Say Tomato, I say Tomato

I’ll confess: I’m not a gardener. I never inherited the green thumb of my great grandmother and it’s not likely that I’ll ever have the patience to talk to my tulip shoots anytime soon. But there comes a point when I’ll make little sacrifices for the greater good. And by greater good I mean organic gardening, of course.

A few months ago I was struck with the miserable, flat, tasteless texture of store-bought tomatoes. Eating one was like trying to consume a pile of red colored mush or melted ice. You get the point. It was pretty bad. Plus, it was shipped in from farms where heavy-duty pesticides were used to keep the bugs off. All I could think was that if those pesticides were strong enough to kill millions of bugs, what must it be doing to my body?

Based on this observation, I trekked down to my local garden supply store and bought some tomato plants. They were tiny at the time, and when I planted them in the ground I seriously doubted if they would ever amount to anything more than an overgrown weed. How wrong I was. They grew up fast and soon started producing fat, juicy, delicious – and best of all, organic – tomatoes. I shared them with my whole family, and for about eight months we had totally natural, sweet, yummy tomatoes. I also grew some strawberries, but the local squirrels in my neighborhood always seemed to get to them before I did.

My point is this: for a mere eight dollars, I bought three tomato plants that supplied me with fantastic tasting produce for eight months. That’s one dollar per month. Not even 1950s prices can beat that. Plus, it’s way healthier for you and, if you so feel the urge, you always use the tomatoes to throw at somebody you don’t like.

Okay. Don’t do that. Just eat the tomatoes and enjoy organic gardening.




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Akanksha
    I loved this post Selane..including the title. It reminded me of tomato plant I had in my kitchen garden during childhood. They surely taste a lot different. I would love to have strawberries in my garden too, only when I move to a cooler city. But tomatoes is a great idea :)
    1. SELANE
      Thank you! :) Funnily enough, I never ate tomatoes before I started growing them myself. It was because of the lack of flavor, I guess, from the store-bought tomatoes. But strawberries are hard to grow because pests love them, lol. You've got to keep your eye on them....!


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