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You May Be Vegan, But How Else Can You Take Care of the Planet?
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You May Be Vegan, But How Else Can You Take Care of the Planet?

If you’ve made the decision to go vegan, you’re already helping the planet by reducing greenhouse gases, saving forests and conserving water. There are other changes that you can make in your life that will benefit the environment even more. Here are a few additional ways to help take care of the planet.

Switch to Solar Power

Having access to solar power allows you to receive power throughout your building that comes directly from the sun. This can save you from having to rely on less environmentally friendly power sources such as electricity and gas. According to The Guardian, solar panels can produce more energy than you might think. These panels can be installed around your home or business to capture light from the sun’s rays. Solar power can also be more reliable than other alternatives.

Consider Different Modes of Transportation 

Harmful emissions from cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles are largely responsible for damaging the ozone layer and greenhouse gases that pollute the air. Riding a bicycle or simply walking will allow you to get to your destination while helping the planet. You can also choose to skateboard or roller skate to locations around your area. Paddling a boat is another great option if you live near a waterway. If you must rely on motorized transportation, consider riding a bus instead of purchasing or renting a vehicle.

Make Recycling Part of Your Daily Life

Recycling many of the household items that you use every day will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and cardboard packaging can all be recycled. It’s even possible to recycle computers, hard drives, and other electronic devices. If your neighborhood doesn’t already have a recycling program, you should take your items to a recycling center. Some of these centers will even pay you for recycling certain items.

Eliminate Junk Mail   

You can save more trees by stopping the junk mail that’s printed on paper. Some companies give you the option to opt-out of receiving future catalogues, flyers and other advertising materials. You can also find websites online that allow you to sign up so that you’ll no longer get junk mail. You can choose to decline free newspapers that are sent to you that you no longer want as well. Just be aware that it might take a while to stop receiving junk mail completely after you've submitted your opt-out request.

Living a vegan lifestyle is a great start to doing your part for the planet. Being environmentally conscious and taking some additional actions can help the planet even more.

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