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Yellow Root, Commonly Touted as an Herbal Remedy
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Yellow Root, Commonly Touted as an Herbal Remedy

Many vegans have concerns about taking prescription or over the counter drugs. More and more people are seeking herbal remedies for common complaints. Yellow Root is a plant that many people procure for its medicinal properties. The scientific name for the plant is Xanthorhiza Simplicissima.

Yellow Root is a plant that grows wild along sandy banks of streams in much of the United States including Florida, Georgia, Maine, Ohio and Texas. It is often confused for Goldenseal and Yellow Dock. The plant's name is a reference to its unbranched root, which Native Americans created a yellow dye for baskets and blankets. The plant has reddish-brown to purple, five-star shaped flowers and green leaves above ground.

Native Americans utilized the properties of Yellow Root to treat cold symptoms and to stimulate contractions for childbirth. Most medical doctor advise against Yellow Root during pregnancy today. Folk medicine states that years ago in the Appalachian Mountains, people would chew on the root; however, today, most people will boil the stem to make a tea. Many Americans will drink the tea as a medicinal aid for acid reflux, mouth infections, hypertension, diabetes, sore throat, heartburn, ulcers and other stomach ailments.

Yellow Root may be purchased at flea markets, herbal shops and many convenience stores in the United States. Most often Yellow Root is packaged for sale in short bundles of woody stems free of leaves and flowers wrapped with a rubber band and placed in sandwich bags. The stems are boiled in water and strained. Two tablespoons per day is the recommended dosage by many people selling Yellow Root, however, many online articles recommend 2 grams, which is just under one teaspoon.

Disclaimer: Yellow Root has not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration for medicinal purposes. Thus the information in this article is intended for education purposes only. A person should seek the advice of a medical doctor for any ailment. Research reveals no clinical data supporting Yellow Root as a medicinal aid.

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  1. Carolyn
    Stream banks similar to the one in the photo is where Yellow Root is located.
  2. pftsusan
    So true. Voted.
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Susan for the vote and comment!
  3. Akanksha
    new information.. #4
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Akanksha!
  4. evalovesbend
    Great info. Voted!
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks for the vote Evalovesbend!
  5. Roopam
    Thanks for sharing...that's an informative post! #8
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks for the vote!
  6. Veganara
    Voted. Very interesting article.
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Veganara!
  7. BuddhasDelight
    very cool and totally new to me... thanks carolyn! voted. :)
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    1. Veganara
      t looks like the same person keeps spamming you here Carolyn, under different user-names. I would delete all of these comments if I were you, since they are not relevant to the article at all, just trying to advertise a business. I always delete spam comments like these when I get them on my blogs.


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