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Would You Go Vegan for Free Water?
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Would You Go Vegan for Free Water?

You have probably heard about the water wars that have been occurring in Detroit. But recently PETA took what is regarded as a bit of a controversial step by offering to make veganism save the day.

Residents in Detroit who have been battling to stay on track with paying their water bills have recently been offered a deal by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). If they agree to eat vegan food for a month, their overdue water bills will be settled. According to CBS 62 News in Detroit, PETA offered to settle one month’s water bill as well as provide vegan food for 10 residents in Detroit who decided to stick to a vegan lifestyle for 30 days.

But it wasn’t without controversy. People on social media have been expressing the awfulness of PETA trying to strike a deal over water, which is supposed to be a basic human right. Think Progress brought the issue of income into the story. Some residents in areas of low income are battling to pay their water bills and do not live in areas where fresh produce is readily available. Residents might also find that they do not have the money (or perhaps even the time, due to working long hours or multiple jobs) to purchase vegan foods.

However, PETA has pointed out on the health benefits. On their website they state that lower health costs can be achieved with a vegan diet, which could actually help people who don’t have lots of money at their disposal. The statement on their website read, 'The last thing that people who are struggling need is increased health care costs. By accepting out offer to go vegan, not only will families be getting an immediate financial boost and helping animals, if they still with it, they’ll also lower their risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and strokes.'

What do you think? Would you go vegan just to get your water bill paid?


 *Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons.

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  1. Anita Vegana
    I am already vegan, so it is hard to say... I have noticed the financial advantages of such a diet, so really, I think I would say yes. I voted for you!
  2. Giulia Simolo
    Giulia Simolo
    Thanks for voting. :)


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