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WATCH: Would You Brand Yourself to Take a Stand Against Animal Suffering?
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WATCH: Would You Brand Yourself to Take a Stand Against Animal Suffering?

Israel has become one of the top countries focused on vegan living and now a group of activists is grabbing attention with their sometimes shocking way of taking a stand against animal products.

  • 269 is the Number 

The group calls themselves 269 and you can find their videos online. Their movement began almost three years ago in Tel Aviv. It started by the activists locking themselves into a cage and then branding the numbers 269 onto their skin with a hot iron. Why the number 269? It represents the life of a calf who was saved on an Israeli dairy farm. The group branded this number onto their bodies as loyalty to all the animals that get abused and killed on a daily basis all over the world. They tend to make quite a scene when they protest against animal slaughter and the use of animal products. For instance, they might carry fake blood in bottles or make Holocaust references with slogans that speak of how thousands of chickens are killed daily.  

  • The Reality of Animal Suffering

In one of their videos which you can see here, the activists entered a supermarket in Tel Aviv and blocked the butcher’s display. They sprinkled fake blood on the display glass and stood bearing grim posters of animals being slaughtered or kept in cages. The effect is quite striking as it shows the reality of what is behind that glass. People sometimes see meat packaged in fridges and don’t connect it to the gruesome animal murders that caused it to be there in the first place. They forget that by buying the meat, they're a part of the gruesomeness of animal murder.

  • Will You Join? 

The group encourages people to make use of the number 269 and express it publicly, perhaps by spraying it onto walls, getting a tattoo of it or creating stickers bearing it. It’s a show of your support for all the nameless, helpless animals that get taken to slaughterhouses and killed for human desires. What do you think of this activist group’s actions?


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons (CC By 2.0) by Vinoth Chandar


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  1. Support
    Fascinating stuff! Thanks Giulia!
  2. cordelia josie
    I am moved and awed by these people. How very clever and 'shocking' - splattering blood on the glass - bringing people to awareness of what is in reality behind the glass in the supermarket. It's Not nicely packaged, tasty 'meat' but rather dead animal corpse. Bravo to these people. I realize this could get very messy, however, wish we could do this everywhere and bring this message yesterday to the public consciousness.


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