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World's First Vegan Parenting Magazine - The Shift Of Veganism
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World's First Vegan Parenting Magazine - The Shift Of Veganism

Veganism is growing, and we’re well set to become the mega-trend as predicted for 2018. From reports of teens drinking 550% more vegan milk than Generation X, o Facebook groups popping up named ‘Ask A Vegan Dietitian’.

So are more kids going vegan? What about the little pre-schoolers on their merry way with coconut and falafels, instead of cow’s milk and cheese crackers.

A group of moms think so. Janet Kearney, the founder of Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting, the largest vegan parenting resource worldwide, announced earlier this week, that she was launching a free and digital vegan parents magazine in two languages on December 15th, and parents freaked out.  

Reaching Parents On Facebook

Kearney, who had 20,000 members in the social group in June earlier this year, has bumped up to 35,000 in the group alone and another 60,000 members through Facebook Pages and Instagram.

It’s no wonder the success of the group, through gently explaining veganism, and taking on board a host of medical professionals, dietitians and other parents to volunteer their time educating parents on raising their families vegan. She has created a safe and reliable atmosphere, where no question is too off the wall to ask.


The Raise Vegan Magazine, which had over two thousand eager parents sign up in the first twenty-four hours, is in a long line of educational outreach she plans to do for 2018. She explained that the magazine will be fully translated into six languages by the end of 2018, with their linguists team already in place.

She has taken on a lot more volunteers across America and Europe, who will be encouraged to attend vegan festivals throughout the year giving flyers to parents to support them as they raise their families. Not only does she want to provide support for parents already raising their families vegan, but destroy the many myths that surround raising vegan children.

A Vegan Future

With Kearney’s network not appearing to be slowing down, it seems like we might have a lot more activists on our hands in twenty years!

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