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World’s First Vegan Supermarket to Open!
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World’s First Vegan Supermarket to Open!

Vegans in the Oregon area rejoice! A new vegan supermarket chain is going to open. If you think this means that only a small area of the supermarket will be vegan, you’re mistaken. The entire supermarket will contain nothing but vegan items. The supermarket is called Veganz and it is set to open other vegan stores in the near future too, such as a clothing shop for all your vegan fashion.

  • What's Veganz? 

Veganz was established in Germany by Jan Bredack, a vegan himself who wanted to make it easier for vegans to shop. This is definitely the case with Veganz, which houses a startling variety of vegan goods. It imports products from 30 countries all over the world and sells thousands of various items, from cream and fake meat to toiletries that are animal-friendly. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free. The company’s motto is “We love life”.

  • Why This is So Great There are many good reasons why supermarkets such as Veganz should be appearing all over the world:
  • Vegan supermarkets help to make the vegan lifestyle more mainstream. Instead of being something that’s considered a dietary choice, reserved to a small section of the supermarket where vegans can find what they need, it sends out the message that being vegan is important and common.  
  • They encourage people to become vegan. Sometimes people aren’t keen to try new or healthy foods until they see how delicious they look in the supermarket! When these foods are more available, people will be more likely to try them out.  
  • They make it easier to transition to the vegan lifestyle. When starting out as a vegan it can be difficult to know where to buy products and how to keep your meal planning interesting. If you have a nearby supermarket where you can fill your trolley with a range of delicious and nutritious foods, this makes being vegan a lot easier - and it is more likely to make your vegan lifestyle a life-long choice.  

*Image courtesy Minerva Studio / Dollar Photo Club


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    Such exciting news! Thanks so much for the post!
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    We need so many more but it's a start


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