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World Vegan Day 2017: How we celebrated and what we achieved
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World Vegan Day 2017: How we celebrated and what we achieved


Veganism is all about being hopeful, positive and kind towards all animals, and this is exactly the message we want to spread with our annual celebrations of World Vegan Day on November 1st.

The day kicks off World Vegan Month, which runs through November and is celebrated to recognise how far the vegan movement has come, to highlight how accessible and beneficial the vegan lifestyle is, and to encourage the vegan-curious to adopt veganism by sharing advice, recipes and ideas.

Back in 1994, the then president of The Vegan Society Louise Wallis decided to set November 1st as World Vegan Day. The charity was founded in November 1944 and the celebration was created to mark its 50th anniversary. Now every November, vegans across the globe take part in celebrations, social media activities and events from vegan street outreach to potlucks. 

The main call for action was to encourage non-vegans to take our 30-Day Vegan Pledge – a challenge that everyone can sign up to on our website to receive an email every day, with tips, advice and recipe ideas. The aim is to help people ease into veganism over the course of the challenge, help them understand why being vegan is so vital, and of course to encourage them to remain vegan by giving them the practical information and support they need.

World Vegan Day inspired dozens of really positive articles in at least 50 different online publications, including national newspapers such as the Telegraph, the Guardian, Metro, Mirror Online, the Sun, the Daily Express and the Daily Star. #WorldVeganDay was trending at number 1 worldwide on Twitter for most of the day. 


It’s easy to become sad and pessimistic after learning what happens to animals on a daily basis in the meat, dairy and egg industries but it’s important to turn these emotions into something more positive for animals’ sake and spread the vegan message with passion and kindness.

World Vegan Day is for every vegan to celebrate the huge difference they’re making as well as help others to learn about, understand and finally choose our amazing lifestyle. Even though World Vegan Day is now over, let’s never stop working hard to inspire people to go vegan and let’s make every day a vegan day!

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