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Wool: Is it Really Humane?
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Wool: Is it Really Humane?

When you see fluffy wool on an item of clothing, you might envision happy farms where sheep get their wool gently sheared without feeling any distress or being put through any pain. But that’s not always the truth and now a recent study confirms this horror.

According to PETA, nearly three million sheep have to be exported to facilities where their wool is taken from them-- and this happens every year. Imagine being forced to travel excruciatingly long distances in horrible and uncomfortable conditions. It is horrific to the point of death. On the PETA site it states that in 2012, 19,407 sheep died during live-export journeys.

Studying the wool industry that occurs in Australia and the United States, PETA’s investigation recently found that ninety of the Merino wool in the world originates from these two regions. So PETA put a magnifying glass on them. 

After sending undercover investigators to nineteen shearing sheds in Australia between the end of 2012 and March of 2014, PETA stated that the wool industry is filled with violence, which was documented, and this was found in almost every shearing shed that they investigated. Meanwhile, in the United States, an investigator from PETA went undercover as a worker in a sheep shearing company for almost two months, during which time he visited twenty-five ranches where he witnessed various animal cruelty, some committed by shearers within the company itself.

The violence during shearing that was noted includes kicking and punching sheep, using hammers to hurt them, or twisted their necks until they snapped.

PETA has insisted that shoppers all over the world are encouraged to say NO to cruelty towards animals, which in this case means not buying any wool products.

As we move forward, let's take the wool off our eyes.

 *Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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