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4 Organic Ingredients to Beat Dry Winter Skin
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4 Organic Ingredients to Beat Dry Winter Skin

Every season demands to change up your skin care routine. As cooler weather approaches, the cold and harsh winds outside and indoor heating systems tend to wreak havoc on your skin. As a result, people suffer from dry, flaky skin and start using drugstore body lotions, creams, and expensive moisturizers to soothe their skin. But these lotions and moisturizers contain toxic endocrine disruptors that can cause several health maladies. Instead, you can use various organic ingredients to say goodbye to your dry skin.

Here are some organic ingredients that will make your skin soft and silky in no time:

1. Shea Butter:

Shea Butter

Shea butter is an excellent skin care ingredient as it moisturizes, nourishes and protects your skin during the cold season. It is naturally rich in Vitamin A, E, and F as well as offers some UV protection. Vitamin A and E helps to keep your skin hydrated, supple, balanced and clear, while vitamin F improves the skin tone. It also provides essential fatty acids and nutrition to skin that boosts the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity. Great for all skin types but perfect for itchy winter skin.

Try this recipe:

Homemade Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion


1. ½ cup shea butter

2. 2 Tbsp skin nourishing oil such as avocado, apricot, or sweet almond oil.

3. 10 drops lavender essential oil

4. 5 drops rosemary essential oil (optional)

5. 3 drops carrot seed essential oil (optional)

6. 3 drops tea tree essential oil (optional)


Step 1: Place the shea butter in a small bowl. Put that bowl into a pot of water and melt the shea butter over medium heat.

Step 2: Once the butter melts pour in the almond oil. Stir it properly and then turn off the heat.

Step 3: Place the bowl in the refrigerator and let it cool for about 15-20 minutes. Avoid freezing the mixture.

Step 4: Remove the bowl from the freezer and pour in the essential oils and carrot seed oil.

Step 5: With the help of an egg beater, whip the mixture until the mixture becomes soft, smooth and buttery.

Step 6: Then scoop the lotion into a container and store at room temperature. Remember to use the lotion within a year for best results.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

If harsh winter air is making your skin dry and dehydrated, Aloe vera may be the perfect solution for you. It provides the right balance of moisture, proteins, and vitamins that your dry, flaky skin have always longed for. Aloe vera gel forms a protective layer on your skin to protect the skin from dry and cold winter wind. It keeps the skin hydrated by returning the moisture to the skin with its humectant abilities. It’s moisturizing but not greasy and keeps the skin more smooth and supple. You can easily find this ingredient at a local nursery or even in most of your gardens. So, you can try making your own natural, chemical free aloe vera scrub to moisturize your dry, chapped and rough skin.

Try this recipe:

Homemade Honey and Aloe Facial Cleanser


1. ¼ cup aloe vera gel

2. ¼ cup honey

3. 1 Tbsp nourishing oil such as extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, almond, avocado, apricot, argan, coconut


Step 1: Take a bowl and combine all the ingredients and your facial cleanser is ready.

How to use the cleanser: Shake the cleanser properly and apply it to your hand and face. Keep it for a minute so that all the amazing qualities of the ingredients get absorbed into the skin. With the help of damp wipe, gently remove the cleanser.

3. Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa Butter

Chocolate lovers, cocoa butter does not only give flavour to chocolates or cookies, it is also an amazing, natural skin moisturizer that has the unique ability to melt at body temperature. This super-butter instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Aside from moisturizing your skin, it helps to heal your skin from the inside out. It is a miracle ingredient when it comes to soothing irritated, itchy skin that accompanies this winter season. Cocoa butter is a rich blend of antioxidants and fatty acids that protect the skin from free-radicals that can cause irritation and damage to the skin. It is non-greasy and has a distinct, nutty, chocolate smell.

Try this recipe:

Homemade Three Ingredient Cocoa Body Butter


1. 1 cup of cocoa butter

2. ½ cup of coconut oil

3. ½ cup of olive oil


Step 1: Melt cocoa butter and coconut oil in a saucepan until completely liquid.

Step 2: Pour the mixture into a small bowl and then add olive oil or any other liquid oil.

Step 3: Place the bowl in the refrigerator and allow it to cool for about 20 minutes. Once the mixture has become firm but not solidified, you can proceed to next step.

Step 4: Using the hand mixer, whip the mixture until it becomes fluffy and light.

Step 5: Store it in a glass jar and use the lotion for several months.

4. Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a natural moisturizer whose chemical structure is similar to our skin’s natural oil. It is a waxy substance that closely resembles your skin’s sebum. As a result, it gets easily absorbed into the skin and acts as a natural moisturizer when topically applied. Jojoba oil forms a protective layer on top of the skin to trap moisture in the skin and protect the skin from external elements. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, jojoba oil softens dry and irritating spots and soothes inflamed skin. It is packed with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can provide you with naturally groomed and glowing skin. Thus, jojoba oil is ideal for both dry and dehydrated skin. You can apply jojoba oil on your face, hands, feet, hair or any part of your body as it is completely natural and free of any harmful chemicals. During winters, remember to apply jojoba oil as soon as you step out of the shower so that your skin doesn’t get dry.

Try this recipe:

DIY Jojoba Oil Beauty Recipe


1. ½ cup brown sugar

2. 1 tbsp of jojoba oil

3. 1 tbsp of almond oil

4. 1 tbsp of lemon juice

5. 2 tbsp of honey


Step 1: Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl and mix them properly.

Step: Apply it onto your skin and rinse with warm water.

So, try these organic ingredients and soothe away your winter dry skin.


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