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Winner of Pinterest Awards Puts Vegans in the Spotlight
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Winner of Pinterest Awards Puts Vegans in the Spotlight

I recently came across a magazine article about a vegan food blogger from my native England who has won two of the top Pinterest awards for recipes, and in the process has raised the profile of veganism through her website, Wallflower Kitchen.

Aimee Ryan turned vegan around 2 years ago and has scored the top 2 prizes at this year’s Inaugural Best of Pinterest UK Food Awards.

Aimee says that the secret of her success on social media is due to the growing number of people who are trying to cut down on meat. It’s great to know that veganism is becoming more and more popular, and this is in a large part due to talented, creative people like this promoting it through popular networking websites.

“The vegan side of food is important to me” Aimee comments .”Since I became vegan, it has grown enormously.  Even non-vegans seek out my recipes because they don’t want to eat meat all the time.” (Quoted in Waitrose Weekend magazine, 23 February 2017).

The 27-year-old from Brighton has been named Food Pinner of the Year and also won the best vegan recipe award for her pancakes, which feature on her blog, Wallflower Kitchen.

Aimee is a full-time blogger: she makes a living from posting images of her recipes on social media sites Pinterest, and Instagram. The hits she gets from these posts help her earn money from advertising, publishing and recipe writing. She comments that earning money from a blog takes a lot of work and effort, and has been doing it a few years now before she became vegan. She has a lot of advertising on her website which is what enables her to run it.

“Pinterest has made a big difference to me,” she says. “I get around 4,000 hits a day from pins. I’ve no idea what I would do without it.” (Quoted in Waitrose Weekend magazine, as above).

Besides the amazing-looking pancakes on her blog, she also features other such scrumptious recipes such as Raw Chocolate Omega Bliss Balls, Vegan Caprese Panini (with Tomatoes, Basil and Cashew Mozzarella) and Baked Green Pea fritters. There is also a cookery book advertised on her site.

I am definitely very inspired by her blog and the success she has had with it, and it has encouraged me to persevere with the recipe book I am currently writing. Vegan food really seems to be having a moment right now. So I hope to be able to capitalise on this trend to launch my cookbook (watch this space!)



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