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Will it Matter if Lisa Simpson Becomes Vegan?
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Will it Matter if Lisa Simpson Becomes Vegan?

A petition has been created by a fan of the cartoon “The Simpsons” for Lisa Simpson to become vegan! 

  • From Vegetarian to Greater Awareness? 

Lisa Simpson was written up as a vegetarian character on the hit show “The Simpsons” that is watched by millions of viewers per episode. In one ground-breaking episode in 1995 that featured Paul and Linda McCartney, the focus was on the expression of human and animal rights. By making Lisa Simpson become vegetarian, the show allowed for a greater acceptance of the lifestyle. Now, fans are hoping making Lisa Simpson vegan will do the same thing for veganism. The fan who started a Care2petition for Lisa to become vegan, Matt Hanson, stated that Lisa could spread awareness because she is such a powerful character. He adds that Lisa is a good role model who inspired people to become vegetarian decades ago. So far, over 20,000 people have already signed the petition.

  • Will It Make a Difference? 

There is no doubt that the media shapes and influences lifestyle choices. It's not just what it does, such as promoting said lifestyle choice, but also how it does it that can be so powerful. When Lisa became vegetarian, her journey was a deeper, conflict-ridden one. After petting a lamb, Lisa was unable to eat lamb at the dinner table with her family. She realised that the meat on her plate was no different to the animal she had loved, making her decide not to eat any animals again. This resonated with people who had gone through similar changes in their lives, which made the episode really powerful. A vegan episode could definitely be useful in showcasing what it really means to go vegan and why this is so important, especially because of the many misconceptions of veganism in society. 

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons (CC By 2.0) by The Community Pop Culture Geek

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