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Why limit the food you eat if you're a vegan or vegetarian?
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Why limit the food you eat if you're a vegan or vegetarian?

So you're a meat eater but want to go vegetarian or even vegan? Well, don't panic if you think that you will miss out on your favourite meals because you won't.

There are many alternatives to meat, such as Quorn and Linda McCartney foods.

But how can you use these alternatives in making your favourite foods?

Well, at the base of every vegan and vegetarian food brand, there will be the basics, such as chicken-style pieces, fake mince etc. You can use these meat-style pieces in your recipes. You can even use tofu. It may seem bland but tofu absorbs whatever flavours are in the dish.

The last alternative is vegetables. Chunky vegetables are good for meat substitutes in usually meaty dishes, as they are quite bulky.

Check that the label says that the foodstuff you are buying says "suitable for vegetarians"

So go ahead and experiment with your food and embrace the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle!!

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  1. Vegan Fur Ninja
    This is the most non-informative post I have ever read. If I was making the transition to veg*n, this would have been no help whatsoever. Which vegetables are good as meat subs? Do you not know or were you simply too lazy to include them? I'll help you out - mushrooms (especially portobellos), eggplant, and cooked beans are my favorite go-tos for replacing meat in a dish. For a more meat-like experience, try seitan (make your own; it's terribly easy) or tempeh. There you go - actual, helpful information for subbing meat when veganizing a recipe that doesn't require that you resort to gross, processed, chemical-laden and nutrient-deficient pre-packaged fake meats.
  2. moregreensplease
    So far I have been vegan for ten months and I am enjoying it very much. When I cook there are two main ingredients that I like to use the most, baked tofu wich has a cheese like consistency and squash wich I find I use quite a bit in these colder months. There is so much out there to experiment with. Voted!


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