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Why is Bone Broth Such a Trend?
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Why is Bone Broth Such a Trend?

It has been called one of the food trends to look out for this year: bone broth. But what exactly is in it and is it really as healthy as it's being made out to be? Of course as vegans you don’t want to have anything to do with bone broth. But it’s sort of shocking to see how everyone has been lapping up the latest trend that claims bone broth is highly nutritious for you.

  • Bad to the Bone 

No matter how people dress it up as delicious and nourishing, bone broth is inhumane, made from the remains of animals. These include bones and even carcasses that have been boiled down to a gelatine-like substance after which they are used as a base for soup. Bone broth is considered a healthy soup, however, and with celebrities elevating it to a powerful part of their diet, it seems to have become the latest super food. One of these is sportsman Kobe Bryant who claims that bone broth is what keeps him in quality condition for the NBA. That’s quite a claim to make. The reality: It has been said that drinking bone broth is like consuming liquid bone. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Apparently, it can make your own bones and joints stronger as well as improve your body’s immunity against infection.

  • Health or Hype? 

Sure, those benefits sound good, but it’s not worth it if you have to kill animals and boil their parts to achieve them. Besides, it is possible to gain those health benefits from natural and vegan sources! Bone broth is not the miracle elixir that it is being made out to be. It only contains a small amount of protein that can actually be better substituted with vegan ingredients, such as thick soups consisting of vegetables, tofu and rice. *Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. I completely agree. Bone broth sounds disgusting! Great blog.


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