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3 Reasons Your Skin Needs Vegan Skincare: It Ain't Just About the Animals!
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3 Reasons Your Skin Needs Vegan Skincare: It Ain't Just About the Animals!

You know that buying vegan beauty products is good for the animals because it doesn’t make use of any animal-derived ingredients. But what about the health of your skin? Can it be better for you that non-vegan products? The answer is: yes! There are many ways in which opting for vegan skincare and beauty products can help to improve your skin and keep it healthy. Here are some pros to using vegan beauty products.

  • Your Makeup Brushes are Kinder to Your Skin 

Many makeup brushes will contain fur from animals such as squirrels, mink and horses. This is not only disturbing but it can be bad for your skin. For instance, if your skin is sensitive, this natural fur can inflame or irritate it. So, don’t get manipulated into thinking that 'natural brushes' are better for you because that fur should belong to the animals, not be used on your face!

  • You Prevent Pesticide Exposure  

You use an ingredient derived from animals, such as lanolin (which is a greasy substance taken from the wool of sheep and used in various products, such as moisturizers), but you might not really think about it being dangerous. The truth is that whatever the animal has been exposed to, such as pesticides, will now be in that sample that goes straight onto your skin. For instance, sheep sometimes get dipped into pesticides to prevent pests, and then when their fur is taken for lanolin, this residue can find its way to the product in which it’s being used. Pesticides can accumulate in your body, so you definitely don’t want it in your beauty box - remember that your skin absorbs what you put on it!

  • You Prevent Possible Health Conditions While Boosting Your Skin 

By skipping animal products, plant-based ingredients are used instead. This is good because natural ingredients are not only better for your health but they nourish your skin with their botanical and antioxidant substances. These oils and nutrients are also gentler on your skin. However, you should always check that the products you choose are not only vegan but also organic as you don’t want to opt out of animal ingredients while infusing your skin with toxins regularly found in non-organic products. So, look for 'certified organic' and 'vegan' labels! 


*Image courtesy Liv Friis-larsen /Dollar Photo Club

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