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Why We Need a Vegan Awards Series
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Why We Need a Vegan Awards Series

Now more than ever, it’s difficult to sift through the noise and find what you’re looking for online. This is especially true for vegan clothing. A search for “vegan clothing” on Google returns more than 20 million search results and spans millions of pages. It’s no wonder that the excuse people often use for not buying vegan is that it’s too difficult.

The paradox of choice is a term coined by psychologist Barry Schwartz in 2004. In his book by the same name, he demonstrates how eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers, meaning that if there is too much of something, it’s harder to make a decision than if there are fewer options. This counterintuitive cognitive principle applies to vegan clothing. Without a guide or indicator, shoppers trying to buy vegan can end up overwhelmed and disappointed.

This is why we need a vegan award series - to help us sift through our options and identify the best of the best. Awards are an important part of the consumer process; they help us shorten the shopping process so that we can support the brands making quality solutions for everyday needs. In fact, there is more than one good reason for establishing a vegan awards series.


There are thousands of vegan brands around the world selling online and offline, and more are established every day. These brands range from one founder in their apartment to venture-backed multi million dollar start-ups. With the booming vegan industry, it’s no wonder that more and more entrepreneurs want to get in on the action. Recognizing brands that are serving market needs well elevates the profile of the vegan marketplace, and makes it easier for more money and companies to enter the space.


People are followers. Let’s face it: only a tiny percentage of us are “early adopters,” as Seth Godin, author of the marketing keystone book Purple Cow points. A few more of us are “fast followers,” meaning that we will hop on the band wagon once it’s rolling. A vegan awards series is like strapping a rocket to the band wagon. By showing that vegan products are popular, more people will buy them. When more products are sold, more get made, and the market expands.


Unfortunately, many products that are “accidentally vegan” - meaning that they happen to be vegan by design, but unintentionally - are of low quality. Leather is still associated with luxe and high fashion, and lower end brands chose correspondingly lower end materials. While there are many high quality and expensive faux leathers out there, there are also many plastic and cheap faux leathers, and this is what most often gets used. Vegan products need a rebranding. A vegan award that helps to disassociate the word “vegan” from the word “cheap” definitely helps.


Vegan shopping is a growing trend, but it’s not the dominant force in the online shopping industry. Recognizing companies that are excelling with vegan products helps cut through the noise and let people know that they have more options than they think when it comes to purchasing ethically.


Most importantly, a vegan awards series helps people already looking for vegan products find them. With so much out there, there is always more to discover.

Best of Vegan Awards

Unicorn Goods recently launched its first Best of Vegan Awards™ and will announce winners on World Vegan Day. For the above reasons and more, there has never been a better time to vote and make your voice heard. Voting can be found at through September 30th with winners announced on World Vegan Day on November 1st. Rock the vote!

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