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Why Vegan Diets Can Help Your Blood Sugar
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Why Vegan Diets Can Help Your Blood Sugar

Regulating your blood sugar is an important part of your wellbeing when you have diabetes. If your blood sugar is too high, low, or it jumps between the two a lot, it can be bad for your health in various ways. Research has found that following a vegan diet can help you keep your blood sugar under control.

  • The Dangers of Unstable Blood Sugar

When your blood sugar drops, it can cause you to feel weak, shaky, faint, anxious, and make your heart pound. Getting it up as soon as possible is important, so you probably reach for the nearest snack and maybe even grab a sugary treat to help your blood sugar stabilize. But nutritious foods are much better to eat during these times. If you have diabetes, you might encounter such episodes of low blood sugar to a greater degree so it’s even more vital to encourage a healthy blood sugar level and maintain it. The great news is that a vegan diet can help your blood sugar whether you have diabetes or not.

  • Vegan Benefits for Blood Sugar

According to a study, a vegan diet can help you lower your intake of medication if you are diabetic, but it also has other benefits. It also lowers your body weight, your cholesterol levels, and improves your glycemic control. However, the vegan diets that were also low in fat displayed the greatest results. 

Vegan Foods to Eat Regularly to Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar 

  • 1. Whole Grains 

These are a must in your regular diet. Barley, rye, and oat bran, contain high amounts of fiber and beta glucan, a type of soluble fibre that helps your stomach to empty its contents slower, which prevents nasty jumps in your blood sugar.

  • 2. Vegetables Low in Starch 

Veggies such as carrots and broccoli are great because they not only give your body lots of nutrients and fiber, but they also keep your blood sugar stable because they’re low in starch. So, instead of making you feel full fast and then having you reach for food again in a short amount of time because you’re already hungry, they keep your blood sugar at a healthy level.

  • 3. Nuts  

Although you want to focus on low-fat foods, remember that healthy fats are a must to consume because your body requires them to function. When it comes to your blood sugar, nuts can actually decrease the speed at which the body absorbs sugar. Add nuts such as walnuts and almonds to your salads and cereals because they also add a flash of flavour.

  • 4. Vinegar 

A study by Arizona State University East found that just two tablespoons of vinegar consumed before a meal will help your blood sugar decrease. This is an easy tip and well worth it! 

  • 5. Cinnamon 

Sprinkle it on your foods! Cinnamon helps to make your cells more responsive to insulin, and all you need to achieve this is half a teaspoon of it every day. The bonus is that it also helps to keep your heart healthy.




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