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Why Is Channing Tatum No Longer Vegan?
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Why Is Channing Tatum No Longer Vegan?

One of the latest celebrities to try the vegan lifestyle on for size is Channing Tatum. In an interview with Women's Health, the actor's wife, Jenna Tatum, opened up about his attempt at being vegan. But it turns out that Channing was vegan for six months because his wife wanted him to try the diet. It didn't work for him because he doesn't like veggies.

This brings up an important thing to consider about the vegan lifestyle. It is largely based on fruits and vegetables, so it can be difficult to pursue if you're not really into those foods. Channing's story is a great opportunity to touch base in your own vegan journey. Fresh produce doesn’t have to be boring! Really! Here are some ways to fall in love with vegetables and fruits again:

  • Mix them into other meals. Forget just eating an apple or boiled potato on their own - that gets boring really fast and can have you wanting something tastier. Rather mix your fresh produce into your meals. For instance, I recently added avocado to my morning oats and it was so refreshing and delicious! Other ideas include adding boiled potatoes to your rice or lentil dish to bulk them up and make them tastier. 
  • Bake ’em! Forget frying potatoes and other veggies, which is unhealthy if consumed too often. Rather pop them into the oven for a crispy, delicious treat that you'll love. You can bake lots of different veggies, such as pumpkins, avos, sweet potatoes, and kale to add a spin on traditional chips! 
  • Make sandwiches “meaty”. Forget a boring sandwich with a lettuce leaf and tomato (yawn!). Rather add lots of different veggies to the mix for a much more delicious creation. For instance, add some cucumber, spinach, peppers, gherkins and even banana or apple slices if you want to get your fruit fix.
  • Do the same with salads - your green salad can be spiced up with cranberries, strawberries and mango slices. Yummy! 
  • Stuff them. You can also stuff your veggies to make them more delicious. Stuff potatoes with spinach or broccoli, for instance, or stuff your mushrooms with some soy crumbles that are marinated in herbs and spices. Then invite Channing over for dinner to show him how it's done. 

*Photo credit: Peabody Awards via / CC BY


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