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How and Why to Invest in a Steamer Without Getting Steamed
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How and Why to Invest in a Steamer Without Getting Steamed

I hardly ever buy "new stuff" and when I do its usually for my daughter. But the more I read and read, I realized that even though I eat pretty well, (I'd give myself a 9/ 9.5 out of 10), I may not be getting all of the available nutrients from my food. On top of that, even though I eat raw veggies, my daughter doesn't. Not to mention, since she is just now getting her molars and pre0molars, I don't quite expect her to. She won't break the food down adequately anyway.

All of that being said, I decided I needed a good median between raw foods and sauteed/boiled foods. Of course, sauteed foods taste great, even if cooked lightly in some organic extra virgin olive oil and salt free seasonings (the way I usually do it). It turns out, boiling veggies takes almost all the nutrients from food.  I rarely if ever boil anything, even brown rice. So, I decided it's time to invest in a steamer.

What's the point in buying organic food and eating a wide range of veggies and fruit, only to reap (at most) 75% of the goodness in them? That's in a nutshell why I decided to invest in a steamer. It took me a while to actually purchase one, as most of the ones in my price range contain BPA. I think its pointless using a steamer if I'm poisoning myself at the same time, so that was a definite no no.

There were a lot of pros and cons I had to wade through. Do I really want to pay an extra ten to thirty dollars for a digital versus manual one? Do I absolutely NEED a timer? Do I need 3 tiers instead of one or two?

And of course I must read 90% of customer comments. I knew I didnt want one that was hard to clean and gathered mold. I also knew I wanted one that I could refill with water as needed while the food was cooking. I had no idea there were so many things to consider, but once I started searching, I wanted to make sure my money was well invested.

Even though it took me a while to find the steamer that was just right for me, I would most definitely encourage you to look into the purchase of one. If we're eating organic and lots of veggies and whole grains, we want to get 100% of the nutritional content of our food. We don't want our vegetables cooked to death. Istead, we want crisp delicious produce with 100% of the fiber and antioxidant "goodness".

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. Great informative blog. I didn't know boiling takes almost all the nutrients from food! I will have to invest in a steamer myself.
    1. Kelita kellman
      Thank You very much! Yes it was alarming to me too when I found out and so I decided to invest in a steamer. I love the way the food taste! :)
  2. LibbyTreats
    So which brand, after all your research, did you invest in? I've been using my Black and Decker for years. Looking at it, the plastic has no code markings, but probably does contain BPA. I never use the plastic basket though.
    1. Kelita kellman
      I decided to use Eware they were the only one in my price range that were BPA free, I don't have alot of money to spend lol.. But so far it has been a great investment... I cook EVERYTHING in my steamer:)


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