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Why I Gave Up Meat?
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Why I Gave Up Meat?

I decided to go veg when I started mindful eating during a meditation course. It was not that I was unaware of the cruelty done to animals, but I shamelessly admit it didn't matter to me at all by that time.

I was born up in a family where meat was considered part of a healthy diet and that is what I grew up believing. I had my 'healthy' dose of non-veg and never even doubted that it could affect my life.

If you talk of my state of mind as a child, I was sometimes disturbed, depressed and angry which I found to be a bit odd. I never knew what the reason was. Then one fine day I came across the idea that our thoughts are affected by the food we take. And that was the day when the mystery started unfolding for me.

I was eating all kinds of foods during this exercise and only observing the impact on my mind. i had lots of fruits and it made me feel good. There was nothing new about it but somehow the nice feeling wasn't worth the fuss. I was a young girl who liked to enjoy her life. Why would I give up non-veg food when it is so tasty? I liked both fruits and meat and ate them as important ingredients of my diet.

Now an incident happened that I call today as the turning point of my life. I had my usual dose of non-veg one day and forgot about it as i left the dinning table. I had a bad day and had all sorts of depressing feelings coming into my mind even though there was no apparent reason for the same. Everything was fine.

That was the day doubt came into my mind nd I went on to research further. "Could it really be that what we eat has an effect on the thought that come to our mind?", I wondered. I continued with mindful eating and finally resulted in becoming a complete no-meat person. Today I am more concerned about taking care of my mind rather then fall for a short term pleasure for my tongue.

I think I made a wise mature choice. There are people who don't believe me. there are people who think I am influenced by someone else. The truth is just that I love my self. i want to cherish the life God has given me. I want to be full of happy thoughts. And the price I paid is too small for what I got in return.

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  1. Akanksha
    4 votes but no comments yet? I am surprised!
    1. Sans300
      Hi Akanksha, Your blog has proved that nothing is impossible. Regards, Sanjana.
  2. Jayesh Shinghal
    Jayesh Shinghal
    I totally agree with the thought, but at this stage I feel its tough to give it up, however I will reduce my non veg diet at this point of time..CHEERS to the thought.
  3. kkaruna siingh
    Hey, Was really a nice and clear thought of being veg for good while inspiring others too. Keep it up!
  4. uponacloud
    I am unsure if there is an actual connection or it was just being unsatisfied by doing something out of habits we were into since birth, but I noticed I am more serene now. Of course I had bad moments, but in general I am better.
    1. Akanksha
      Absolutely. I feel the same way. Those who know me from my 'meat-years' can clearly see the difference in my nature and behavior :)
  5. dianabart
    Awesome! Seems you are getting all my votes! :)
  6. BuddhasDelight
    this is an awesome article, AkankshaLal. i am an intuitive and am deeply sensitive to energies, often people do not believe me but one of the number one reasons it was easy for me to commit to a life of veg eating is because, literally all that meat made me sooo depressed! not only did i get to a point where i could no longer separate the animal face/heartbeat from the steak so to speak, but I literally felt all these horrible emotions upon eating meat. it was like clockwork, very consistent. all those dead food energies caused me great suffering and i would even have nightmares if i ate meat too close to bedtime. i think it is absolutely true that everything is energy and what we put into ourselves greatly affects our well being on many levels. i thank you for this article, it inspires me to consider and tell my own journey more fully. i think that when we eat an orange we feel happy because it has life it in! and water, and it is like liquid sunshine. i don't know about you but i much prefer feeling like that. look at how happy the mango and avocado and lemon are. happy little creatures i thank them and bless them. :)
  7. lorraine
    I agree. When I was a meat eater I was also felt a bad feeling every time I did eat meat. I think it was because I knew that what I was doing I didn't agree with but the usual pressures of society and financial contraints I just kept eating meat. Now I am vegetarian and do not drink cows milk and trying to give up cheese I feel so much better inside. I also do not have that guilt inside me from eating animals and I can now look at an animal out in the fields or on the TV without getting that feeling that I had to look away to ignore my feelings about it. Now I can look at a baby lamb, pig, cow etc. and just feel the love that I feel for them.


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