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Why Do Meat-Eaters Hate Vegans?
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Why Do Meat-Eaters Hate Vegans?

Although some of us have an idea as to why non-vegans may not like our presence (even if we never did or said anything wrong), it may, at times, come as a wonder that some people just can’t stand the sight of us. I’ve compiled a list of those reasons and hope we can all appreciate, understand and try to laugh with (not at, of course) the people who don’t know what to do with us. Oh, and I’ll admit: this is my little rant to let off a bit of steam…

1- They think it’s just a ‘fad diet’. Yeah, some of them put this in the same boat as the macrobiotic diet, the Blood Group diet, the Pickles-only diet, the No-Carb diet, and so on.

2- They believe we feel superior to them. Well, I’m sure I am not the only one to have heard the ‘they think they know everything’ bit. And, although we tell them we don’t, they just don’t believe us.

3- They think the health benefits are just hocus-pocus. Although it’s been proven many times, they just don’t believe that eating vegan can cure cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease, and eliminate diabetes…

4- They ‘know’ humans are omnivores. Even if we have the same digestive system as herbivores, have herbivore ancestors, and live longer and healthier as herbivores, we are omnivores… because of our history.

5- Ignorance. They just don’t know. They sincerely believe that we’ll die if we don’t get animal protein, or if we don’t consume tons of supplements.

6- Some vegans truly are a pain in the **s. Even I’ve been through such a period, or get annoyed by people who claim to care for me and who just won’t let me eat what I want… Am I the only one who has people literally forcing me to eat animal by-products by adding them to the food I cook behind my back? Who wouldn’t get upset about that?

7- They think we are accusing them of being bad people. Yes, some actually said that to me. They ask me why I’m vegan, and when I explain that I do it for environmental and social justice reasons, they start yelling at me because they think I’m blaming them for the world’s problems. Go figure.

8- They haven’t been able to and just want to blame us for it. They don’t have the willpower to change. I’ve seen it. Have you?

9- Because the Bible says animals are our slaves. Enough said.

10- They don’t feel like having to accommodate us. To them, cooking a dish without the meat is too much trouble because it’ll dirty a second pot.

11- They don’t want to be ‘converted’. Understood. Yes, some of us are a little bit of a pain in the behind about it. However, if you are ill and eating a vegan diet could help you, we will annoy you with it because we care. Even if you don’t like hearing it.

12- Because they don’t want us to call them murderers. And no, eating plants is not ‘murdering’ them because we don’t take away their lives – we just pick the fruits off of them.

13- Eating meat is part of the cycle of life because other animals eat animals, too. Well, those are called carnivores or omnivores, and they are supposed to eat other animals or they will die. We, however, aren’t.

14- They are pro-choice. Yes, choice is good… if it doesn’t make you sick. I am pro-choice as long as it is healthy and sustainable. Otherwise, you’re harming yourself, others and the entire planet. Not to speak of the pain your loved ones may have to go through if you become ill because of your ‘freedom of choice’.

15- Even if we don’t say anything about it, they don’t like ‘different’ people. There always have been, and always will be, people who just can’t accept something new or different, no matter what the reason is.

16- Because men can’t be men without their meat. Well, to prove this wrong, we only have to Google who was Canada’s weightlifting champ THREE years in a row. Not only is he vegan, he’s also RAW vegan. And there are much more examples of manly-men out there who don’t eat meat.

17- They think we put animals before humans. To this, I answer: have you ever heard the saying ‘People can be judged by the way they treat their animals’? We don’t put animals before humans. Without animals, we are nothing. The entire circle of life will be out of balance if animals disappear off the face of the Earth.

18- We protect only the animals we think are ‘cute’. Ahem, that’s not true. Yes, several of us say we won’t eat animals because they are our friends, but there are many more reasons to go vegan. Please don’t judge us.

19- They are trying to protect traditions. Well, there is nothing wrong with trying new things. Traditions aren’t always forever, and not always good. Protecting an action just for the sake of cultural reasons is not justified.

20- We’re ‘immature’. Yes, I’ve heard that one before. They think we are just rebelling against the system and that this is just a phase we’re going through.

That being said, I don’t believe that ALL meat-eaters hate vegans. Nor do all vegans hate meat-eaters. This list is simply to point out the times that this feeling DOES come up.

Comments? Please share! I want to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Roopam
    Well written post SnakeWitch! Voted.
    1. SnakeWitch
      Thanks! Do you like my other articles?
  2. LadySankofa
    I think you have many valid points here in this post, a lot of which I have run into in dealing with carnivores, especially since I live in Oklahoma. I would change the title though, because it's rather confrontational and I think it's best to avoid confrontations whenever possible. I find most meat-eaters don't "hate" vegans, they just don't understand. Anyway, really good post! Keep up the good work!
    1. SnakeWitch
      Well, I agree that the title seems confrontational, and those that was a bit of the point. I wanted to get people's attention, and I know that it may have made some turn away. But notice how I insist on saying, in my article, that I know most don't hate vegans. Thanks for the comment!
  3. hitotsu47
    Bravo!! I Created An Account Here Just To Send Praise For This Wonderful Article! Meat-Eaters At My School Constantly Harass Me FOR NO REASON. I'm Not A Preachy Type Veg*n, I Only Tell People Who Ask, So IDK Why They Do It. They're Just Really Annoying! I Don't Even Know Those People!
  4. hitotsu47
    Bravo!! I Created An Account Here Just To Send Praise For This Wonderful Article! Meat-Eaters At My School Constantly Harass Me FOR NO REASON. I'm Not A Preachy Type Veg*n, I Only Tell People Who Ask, So IDK Why They Do It. They're Just Really Annoying! I Don't Even Know Those People!
  5. pentamom
    Voted 10! LOL I thought it was great!
  6. steveplittle
    RE: #5. I just read this from ChrisKresser (a big proponent of Paleo). He goes by the byline "Evidence Based advice". He makes it seem like nutritionally, Vegans should be dropping dead all over the place!
  7. jennzie
    I'm vegetarian but people have been jerks to me about my lifestyle choices as well. My aunt has also said something that was along the lines of "Do you think you are better than me?" and I also get constantly reminded by relatives at parties of how I used to eat the meat and seafood products that they made. My family can be so intolerant of people who are "different" than them. And they wonder why I don't bother with them very much...


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