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Why Being Vegan is Good for Kids
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Why Being Vegan is Good for Kids

There have been views on the internet voicing concern over the safety of vegan diets for kids. However, children can gain as many nutrients from their diet from a vegan lifestyle as they would from non-vegan food choices - and that’s a fact! Beyond dietary concerns, what are the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for children?

  • 1. It Teaches Respect.

If children are brought up to be vegan, they should also learn why this is the case. Why don’t you/they purchase leather shoes or bags? Why don’t you/they eat certain sweets that contain gelatine? Telling your children the answers to these questions (such as that vegans are against animal-cruelty) can teach them from a very young age that they need to treat the earth and its inhabitants in sacred ways. This is a beautiful life lesson that will no doubt enrich their lives while protecting the planet.

  • 2. It Makes them Healthier.

Extra health does not only refer to the animal-free diet they will be consuming, but also their lives in general. If children are aware of their health from a young age, they will be more likely to make positive choices that safeguard their bodily, mental and emotional health as they get older.

  • 3. It Teaches Them To Question.

Telling a child what being vegan is all about can help to make him or her think more critically about the world. It can also be beneficial to a child’s intelligence and self-growth not to take everything in the world at face value. For instance, those marshmallows look delicious, but they have animal products in them which really don’t have to be the case. Allowing children to ponder on issues that are affecting the planet and how to alleviate them will make them eco warriors from a young age!


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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