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Boomerang Vegan? Things to Bear in Mind When You Become Vegan Again
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Boomerang Vegan? Things to Bear in Mind When You Become Vegan Again

You were vegan for a while then you stopped following the lifestyle. Now for whatever reason, you have decided to return to it. There are some things that you should know before you give veganism another shot.

  • 1. Don't Be So Hard on Yourself

You might think that you’re either vegan or not (and praised or rebuked), but not everyone’s life path is so cut and dry. Sometimes life experiences happen that influence us in various ways. You shouldn’t berate yourself unnecessarily for breaking your vegan lifestyle. Now is your chance to return to it and do it better than you did before. Remember, veganism is a marathon - not a sprint. You are in it for the long haul and kindness, not only to the planet’s creatures but also to yourself, is what will make you succeed. Make the vegan choice out of love, not punishment.

  • 2. Keep a Journal of What Went Wrong

If you know what happened to throw you off your vegan track, it can help you prevent making the same mistakes in future. Maybe you weren’t sure where to achieve your nutrient requirements without meat in your diet or you felt overwhelmed at how to approach mealtimes. If you keep a journal of the obstacles you personally faced, you can use them to make better choices.

  • 3. Make Sure Your Choice Resonates Deeply

Some people feel ashamed at not being vegan anymore because they fear what people will say. But forget about them! This is nobody’s journey but yours and only you know what happened to make you fall off the vegan bandwagon. That said, be sure that you are choosing to return to veganism for the right reasons - not because of peer or partner pressure. Some people break their vegan lifestyles because they are not in it for the right reasons to begin with. Your vegan values should be highly important to you if they are going to work.


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    "Boomerang Vegan." Great terminology, Guilia. We just shared it via our Facebook page! Here's the link in case you want to re-share! Happy blogging!


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