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When Life Throws You Lemons, Use Them In Your Beauty Routine!
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When Life Throws You Lemons, Use Them In Your Beauty Routine!

Lemons are very powerful when it comes to your beauty regime, so make sure you’ve always got a few in your fruit basket. Here are some amazing ways in which lemons can make you more gorgeous.

  • 1. Go A Shade Lighter

If you want to lighten your hair a bit, lemons can do the job without dye. Take four lemons and mix their juice with 1/4 cup of lukewarm water. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spritz it all over your hair. Sit outside in the sun for an hour, no more. Get less rays if you don’t want your hair to be lightened too much. Then, wash your hair and make sure you use conditioner as lemon can have a drying effect.

  • 2. Get Stronger Nails

You don’t need chemically-packed products to make your nails less brittle. Simply place your nails into lemon juice and soak them for about 10 or 15 minutes once a week. If your nails have become a little discoloured from too much nail varnish or skipping basecoats during your DIY mani, then soaking them in lemon juice can also help to make them pristine.

  • 3. Battle Those Blackheads

No one likes to look in the mirror and see blackheads rearing up at them. Lemons are great for blackheads because they fight bacteria. So, slice one lemon in half and rub the juicy pieces over your face. Then rinse with cool water.

  • 4. Fade the Freckles

You can make freckles and age spots lighter with lemons. Simply apply fresh lemon juice to the marks with a cotton ball. You might have to do this daily for a few months, but it will make your dark spots less noticeable. However, don’t sabotage your efforts by letting your freckles catch some rays! 

  • 5. Face Wash for Acne

Sometimes using strong anti-acne products can take their toll, so if you don’t want to keep using them opt for lemons instead. Since lemon is a natural astringent, it’s a great skin exfoliator that can prevent pores from becoming clogged. Dip a cotton swab into some fresh lemon juice and apply it to your zits.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.


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