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When Life Gets in Your Vegan Way
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When Life Gets in Your Vegan Way

Vegan living requires constant preparation and monitoring. This is probably what can make it feel so difficult, perhaps even more so than the actual avoidance of animal products! If you’re vegan, there’s really no excuse when it comes to finding animal-free products. They’re everywhere and this is set to increase as the lifestyle becomes even more popular. This is great because it makes it easier for someone to start the vegan lifestyle and not experience that “what now?” feeling.

  • Hello, Curveball 

However, there’s something else that could prove problematic: you have to keep monitoring your lifestyle constantly. It's just too easy to slip away from it. This is because, although the vegan lifestyle has become a little more convenient, you can still face obstacles. I experienced one the other day when it comes to organic living. My bottle of organic facial moisturizer fell to the floor and smashed into pieces, leaving me without anything to use. I didn’t have time to go online and buy a new organic one - this would take days before being delivered to me, and there are no organic makeup or skincare brands at the shops within close proximity to me, either. So, desperate, I asked my sister if I could use her moisturizer. It is not organic. I used it. I felt bad. I worried about chemicals. I realised how difficult it can be to stick to a strict lifestyle when life throws you a curveball.

  • Are You In Control? 

We live in a quick-fix society. If you need something, you get it. If you can’t get it, you have many other options to solve your problem in a flash. But vegan/organic items don’t always fall neatly into your stride. You could borrow an item from someone else, but chances are they won’t be vegan/organic. And sometimes, your best planning hits a wall. You could, for instance, try to plan ahead when it comes to cooking only vegan meals, but what if something unexpected happens and there is one night when you don’t have the chance to make a vegan dinner? What if you bite into a food, such as a marshmallow, and then realize that it isn’t vegan? We try to control our vegan lifestyles, as we should because they require planning to make them easier for us, but we can’t control everything. Life happens. What happens then? I think that trial and error is important here. Mistakes will happen, but it doesn’t make you a bad or unhealthy person. It’s good to learn from the mistakes and move forward. If a person goes to the gym every day but then misses one day and eats a carb-heavy meal instead, does this mean the person isn’t fit? Or that they’re not healthy? No. It just means that they had a bad day. Don’t punish yourself for a bad vegan day! Tomorrow starts anew.


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