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What to say when people ask -  Why go vegan/vegetarian?
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What to say when people ask - Why go vegan/vegetarian?

People ask me all the time why are you vegan? There are so many obvious answers that come to my mind.  I want to tell them all about how atrociously animals are treated from the time they are born on a factory farm till the time they are inhumanely slaughtered at the slaughter houses, and how unhealthly animal protien is for them.  Unfortunately I have found people are not open to hear this, and that it usually does more to turn people off from veganism than it does to turn them on to it.  I have discovered one of the best ways to encourage people to cut down on thier meat consumption, is to tell them about how much they can help the enviroment by reducing the amount of meat in thier diet.  Most people are not aware of the damage that is being done to our enviroment by the farming industry.  They do not know that farm animals are responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emisions, or that being vegan/vegetarian has a bigger impact on the amount of global warming pollution each person creates than by switching your car to a hybrid Prius.  It is amazing how much more open people are to hearing facts about the negative affects eating animals has on the environment, than they are about the sufferning that animals endure in order to become their dinner.  I think it is very important to find ways to show people all the possitive things about being vegan/vegetarian, so that they are encouraged to make possitive changes in their lives as well.

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  1. Carolyn
    Vote #2 Free 2 B Me Now! Thanks for sharing from the heart!
  2. Free 2 B Me Now
    Thank you!
  3. didee
    I have to start with the health reasons as going vegan saved my life but then the awareness of the animal cruelty and the harm to the environment just seems to naturally follow & you become as passionate about that as you are about eating healthy
  4. Vegannie
    You see, most I come across are not even willing to listen to the enviromental reasons. As soon as someone mentions veganism, people get extremely offended. It is as if by saying the word "vegan", they are immediatly angry. I believe that they feel like we are insulting them by merely saying the word. Or maybe the word implies that we are going to do something such as calling them a "bloody murderer". No one is open-minded these days.
    1. Free 2 B Me Now
      I think if you make it clear to people that you do not judge them for their food choices and do not try and push your beliefs on any one then they don't become so defensive. By behaving this way people are more likely to ask questions and want to know why you have made the choice to be vegan. That being said their will always be people that will judge you or be offended by your choice, and I find it best to just ignore them.


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