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What is a Superfood?
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What is a Superfood?

For the longest time, people have been modifying food to make it stronger against the elements, higher in one nutrition value, and so on. This process, called genetically modifying foods, is no longer what it used to be. The names Monsanto and Bayer, and surely several others, ring true to us as the bearers of this cancer-causing tampering that not only destroys the environment, but ends lives. Nature no longer dictates what goes into our mouths - major corporations do. They've taken on God's responsability and, although not at the same magnitutide as with Jurassic Park, this form of playing russian roulette is one we can definitely do without.

The result is plants that are no longer as strong as they were previously. We all see it in animals - well, those of us who have either bred or purchased purebred animals. Continuously crossing the genes of the exact same species with the purpose of weaning out a certain unwanted gene can have undeisreable effects, such as a shorter-than-average life span and weak immune systems. The same goes with food: try to make a species of wheat higher in protein, and something is lost along the way - something that Mother Nature intended for us, but that we inadvertently weeded out.

So, what are the foods that have NEVER (or minimally) been tampered by humans called? Superfoods. They are the new thing nowadays, and they are still surviving - lucky for us. Few a far between, here are some of the superfoods that we can all include in our diets. And yes, when I say far - I do mean FAR. People have had to search into the depths of the Amazon to find quite a few of them!

Açai - this lovely berry was one of the ones found in the Brazilian Amazon and packs a punch of omega-3s and antioxidants. It is known to fight leukemia cells and help reduce heart problems. It is also a good source of omega 6 and 9.

Cocoa - cocoa itself is good for you, if you are eating it as a black chocolate and avoiding refined sugars. It is healthy because it contains serotonin and dopamine, which are antidepressants (hence the reason why we reach for it when we have the blues), as well as the same brain chemical that makes us think we're in love, the phenylethylamine (so the reason why we eat chocolate after a breakup). It helps promote insulin, reduce blood pressure (without the sugar, of course), increases antioxidant capacity and protect from bad cholesterol (LDL).

Goji Berries - this berry is originally from the Himalayas and surely one of the healthiest. It contains protein and has so many health benefits it's not worth starting to list them. Chinese have been using them for more than 2.000 years as medicine.

Hemp Seeds - these, although come from the same plant as marijuana, do NOT have the same properties! It is strictly a seed, without the buzz, that contains a high amount of fatty acids, minerals and protein. Used by raw foodies - often for breakfast due to its nutty flavour - it has the perfect omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. It is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce the risk of cardiac arrest and arthritis. It is also one of the healthiest plant-based oils available.

Barley - The most forgotten of ancient grains, barley hosts a variety of health benefits and has a great flavour as well. It is versatile and can be used instead of oatmeal for breakfast or replace rice in most dishes. As for the health benefits, it helps lower blood cholesterol and protects against cancer. It also slows starch digestion helping to maintain blood sugar levels.

Buckwheat - It's not actually a grain but is used as one for its nutritional value, with the advantage of not being high on the glycemic scale, which means that you don't get a sugar spike like with other starches. It can be used in soups, as oatmeal or gound to make flour for pancakes. High in protein, it also contains essential amino acids, thus boosting the protein value of beans and other grains eaten the same day. To make things even better, it doesn't contain gluten. It helps lower cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar levels (good for diabetes and obesity), and reduces hypertension.


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  1. Zack
    I love this post! Great super foods, there are actually theories that since viruses are used to genetically modify food, that can interfere with out DNA as well, possibly causing cancer. This is simply an idea and I have not researched that claim. But those are great foods to incorporate, personally I love hemp seeds (as well as chia and flax), raw cacao, barley, and buckwheat. Things to remember here is that all plants are superfoods, theres no reason to gravitate to a specific set. For example, oatmeal is great for lowering cholesterol and weight management, sweet potato has high antiviral properties, tomatoes- with apples- have the most phytonutrients in fruits, garlic is antiviral antifungal, and numerous other health benefits. The plants and their benefits go on and on.
    1. Anita Vegana
      Oh, the reason why I called these ones specifically superfoods is their minimal or nonexistant tampering by humans, thus leaving them at their full potential. I'm sure the foods you mention have numerous health benefits, but they would be better had we not tried to modify them by pairing them together. Genetical modification is not only in labs, it's been done for centuries, and the two most popular foods that have been modified quite a lot over all these years are wine grapes and wheat. About genetically *engineered* foods - so the ones you are talking about - read the book or watch the movie called 'The World According to Monsanto'. Thank you for your comment!
  2. SnakeWitch
    Yeah, açai is huge here for smoothies, and buckwheat flour is great for pancakes. Voted!
  3. VeganDozen
    Voted! A very informative post!
  4. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Wow....super voted..! Great post….also please check mine ‘Hit the Sack with Perfect Brews’ and vote if you like it!
  5. kristo
    Wow, great info! I like how all of the super foods that you listed are also very tasty :) voted!
  6. Veganara
    Voted. Very interesting and informative article. I had no idea about all these superfoods! I wish more could be done to stop the spread of GMO produce. You might like my latest recipe Creamy Asparagus Risotto, please check it out! :-)
  7. Akanksha
    Hey..I totally agree with your words "something is lost along the way"...they are very striking. Good post!
  8. Dushyant Kumar
    Dushyant Kumar
    In the process of gaining something we usually lose something.I liked this information on various super-foods I loved the love effect of cocoa.. :)voted !! :).


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