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What a Vegan Should Know About Diagnositc Kits
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What a Vegan Should Know About Diagnositc Kits

Even though some healthcare plans will be specifying the doctor that is to be used by the person who has chosen that particular health insurance, not all insured Americans will be deprived of the chance to pick a physician. This article offers a bit of advice to any doctor-shopping vegan.

In most situations, the average consumer never has reason to buy a diagnostic kit, regardless of the nature of his or her medical problems. Yet families do search for a good doctor, and doctors often rely on the results obtained following utilization of one or more kits. That fact underlines the reason that anyone who intends to live a vegan lifestyle should learn as much as possible, regarding the methods used during the making of any kit-sixed item, especially one that will be used to diagnose a particular health condition. Some kit-makers grow their cells in medium that contains animal serum.

Growing cells produce proteins. Some of those proteins are released into the growing media. Others can be extracted by means of a biochemical process. However, that extraction process can prove a challenge, if the cultured cells have been growing in a liquid that contains some type of animal serum.

At one time scientist who cultured cells always used a medium that contained some form of animal serum. Today, however, that is no longer the case. Now, scientists have found a way to replace that animal product with a protein that has been extracted from plants. Yet not everyone who cultures cells has chosen to switch-over to that new system.

That fact points out the extent to which the dedicated vegan ought to do some shopping, if he or she enjoys the ability to choose the family’s physician, during those times when there is no need to consult a specialist. For instance, during a routine physical, a doctor might take a sample of a patient’s blood, in order to conduct a routine test. A vegan might want to know a bit about the kit that the doctor (or the laboratory that receives that same sample) will be using, when conducting that particular test.

Even veterinarians use such diagnostic kits. Of course, in that instance, the veterinarian may share the vegan’s desire to learn more about the kit’s contents. He or she would probably be willing to ask some questions, in order to learn whether or not it contains an animal product. If it does, then maybe the veterinarian will agree to seek out a different kit-supplier. After all, it does seem strange for someone who promises to help animals to be relying on an item that contains a product that can only be obtained by performing an unnatural act on a four-legged creature.


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