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The Truth About Coconut Water
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The Truth About Coconut Water

There have been reports in the news regarding the miracle claims made about coconut water. Is it really the miraculous drink that can heal you?

  • Hydration or Hype?

It has been said that coconut water is great for keeping you hydrated. This is due to its electrolytes and potassium. The catch? Make sure you read the ingredients! There could be sugars that have been added to the product, especially if the coconut water is listed as flavored. It's therefore a must to choose coconut water that is as natural as possible.

  • Weight Loss Concerns

If you’re watching your weight, try not to consume too much coconut water, as it does contain 46 calories per cup. Sure, this is not a lot, but these calories can add up quickly throughout the day. Try to sip on regular water if you are working out and trying to drop a few pounds.

  • Exercise Caution

Although coconut water has low concentrations of carbs and sodium, this is not necessarily what you require if you are exercising regularly. You will need more of these ingredients, along with protein, if you sweat a lot or are hitting the gym hard because they replenish your body. So, make sure you supplement with quick-fix energy sources, such as raisins, pretzels or a banana.

  • Miracle Nutrients?

Although claimed to be a super drink that’s filled with lots of nutrients, it’s good to distinguish between the marketing efforts and the actual product. Yes, coconut water does contain minerals and nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorous, but these are found in small amounts. There’s no harm in getting some of your nutrient value from coconut water, but don’t rely on it. Always make sure you eat a balanced diet consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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