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What To Do When There Are Animal Products In Your Money?!
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What To Do When There Are Animal Products In Your Money?!

How do you feel about animal products being used to make paper money? In Britain, vegans are upset over their new £5 note that makes use of animal fat.

· Why is there tallow in money?

The Bank of England has introduced a £5 note that is made of waterproof plastic from a non-vegan ingredient called tallow. Tallow is a substance derived from animal fat that is commonly used in products such as candles and soap. But is it really necessary for this ingredient to find its way into the paper money? Apparently it could be used to provide stearic acid, making the paper money much more lubricated. When the Bank of England confirmed the use of tallow on Twitter, it caused an outrage.

· Petition To Remove The Non-Vegan Money has started a petition to get rid of the tallow-infused money. As stated on the petition, the use of this animal fat is unacceptable to vegetarians, vegans as well as people who avoid animal-derived ingredients for religious reasons. The petition has already reached hundreds of thousands of signatures. 

· What Could Be Used Instead of Tallow

The saddest part about this is that there are many vegan alternatives to tallow that can be used in the money-making process. These include plant-based tallow made from palm oil or coconut oil. The problem is that it is more expensive, which is probably why it was avoided in favour of the animal version.  

· Is the Issue Worth Getting Upset Over?

Although vegans and vegetarians will be upset about the use of animal fat in their money, and rightly so, perhaps we need some perspective on the issue. The use of animal ingredients in money is not the same as eating animal products. It's worth remembering that there are animal ingredients in so many items all around us, such as plastic bags, bike tyres, and some toothpastes.  The point is that it's impossible to avoid animal-derived products all the time, which is sad but also requires a more balanced approach. Money is an example of a product that can't always be avoided, even if you go out of your way to try to limit your contact with it - which is also not realistic. However, making the choice to avoid animal ingredients in your life as much as you can control them is what counts. 

· Will The Money Be Changed? Hopefully, the money will be changed to suit vegans. The Bank of England has stated that there could be a possible solution to the problem. They are working with their supplier to find one as they are 'aware of some people's concerns' and 'respect those concerns'. Apparently, the Bank was unaware of the issue of the 'extremely small' amounts of tallow in the £5. 

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    Hopefully they fix this issue soon or everyone is going to permanently switch to using only debit cards. Haha. Thanks for sharing, Giulia.


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