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What Do Americans Really Think About Animal Rights?: Here's the Truth
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What Do Americans Really Think About Animal Rights?: Here's the Truth

If you regularly fight for animal rights, you might sometimes feel overwhelmed by how so much still needs to be done for animals. If you’re wondering what Americans really think about animal rights, a survey aimed to bring it into the spotlight.  

  • Animal Harm and Exploitation 

A recent poll conducted by Gallup revealed that a third of Americans are of the opinion that animals deserve to have the same rights as people concerning being protected from harm and protection from exploitation. Some of the most crucial exploitation activities that Americans are against include the use of animals in the circus, sport, those raised as livestock and those living in the zoo. 

  • The Results 

What concerns Americans the most, though? The majority of people surveyed said that they are very worried about animals that are being used in circuses and how they are treated.  This number was followed by people who expressed concern over animals being used in sports, labs, amusement parks, zoos, and interestingly 54 percent of people expressed concern for animals that are used as food. 

  • The Numbers are Up 

The good news is that support for animal rights has increased since 2008 by 25 percent. Interestingly, it is more common for women to hold the view that animals should have greater rights, but support from both women and men is on the increase. In this survey, 42 percent of women supported the full equality of animals, while 22 percent of men did. Both numbers have increased since 2008, with the numbers in that year being 35 percent for women and 14 percent for men. 

  • Hopeful About the Future

This is a positive study that shows how people have become more concerned about the treatment of animals in various situations. With more people wanting rights for animals, greater things can be done to ensure it.

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Support
    It's good to know the wind seems to be blowing in a more positive direction! Thanks for posting, Giulia.
  2. Marvin Double
    Marvin Double
    These are interesting statistics. I would be curious to know if such concerns for animals rights is more academic than practical. Those of us who are vegan vote for animals rights at every meal. I wonder if those taking the survey would be concerned enough to do the same. I suspect that for some taking the survey animal rights might in fact be confused with animal welfare. This is a hot topic among some vegans who suggest that the only way to enact animal rights is through the total abolition of using animals for any purpose.


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