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Welcome to my life!
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Welcome to my life!

Hello everyone!  My name is Rhea and I am proud mom to 5 boys ages 10-8-6-4 and 3.  I am also married to my wonderful hunk for 12 years and have been with him in total of 14 years.  

I use to be so unhealthy, smoked a lot, ate McDonalds like 3/4 times a week, etc...

I've been on a healthy living lifestyle change since May 1st, where I gave up smoking, and had decided to become vegetarian.  I am a runner, cyclist, and avid fitness freak. Now, here, you aren't really going to find recipes.  I am far from someone who can come up with my own culinary ideas, so any recipes I come across would just be reposting what someone has already come up with..But you can expect from me, honesty, no frills and fun!  Because that's what I am all about!  When I decided to become vegetarian/vegan it wasn't for the animals.  But for myself and strictly my health....but since watching this horrid video on (I think it was PETA's website), I am all up for animal rights because seeing what you don't normally see behind closed doors is really sad and terrible. (3 of my kids came in, during the middle of the movie and by the end they were all crying...I think 1 is now a vegetarian since he has been meat free for a day and 1/2 now.  Him and I will be having a conversation a little later on his decision about eating meat now so I know what I will have to be feeding him.)  

When I first went vegetarian, I had converted the whole house to vegetarian.  The kids were not happy and it was difficult because my husband kept mentioning how he was just gonna eat meat when he wasn't home~in front of the kids.  So when I confronted him about the health of the kids and what we were putting into their bodies, I was pretty much told that I was forcing people to do what they didn't want to do, and this should have been a decision to do for them from birth...well, you know we all make mistakes, but I believe ANYTIME is still a time to change.  So here I am still making them all carnivore dinners while I make my meat-less versions...So I am all by my lonesome in this green world.

This blog is about my final decision to make my way into becoming full vegan.  I have been researching, and researching everything I can about making the full transition and I know for me it's going to be a slow process...(see as a child my mom said it would take me an hour to chew 1 bite of meat, and I've not been that much of a meat eater to begin with, so making the transition to vegetarian first, really was not that hard for me to do.)

...LOL!!  During my research and recipe shopping, I've come to the conclusion that I'd have much better things to eat if I wasn't so scared of Filo Dough!  LOL!  I bought it the other day because I really would like to make like a spinach triangle thingie, but the filo dough seems really fragile and hard to work with by reading these recipes..LOL!  I know, Chicken!  JUST DO IT!  I have yet to thaw out the filo dough I bought last week..but assume it's still okay as it hasn't left the freezer.  LOL!

My other reason for this slow transition to Vegan is because I am the type who needs her hand held until I get the hang of things, and so eating out seems to be my other topic that I have an issue with.  It really doesn't seem like there are many options for vegans, until I got this iphone app called VeganXpress.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I really think I can work with this app!  I also hope there are more ones like this eventually~or that this app adds more places to eat!  I feel more confident now going out and ordering something, and not feeling like everytime I turn around I have to eat salad!

I really do have to say that since I've switched to vegetarian, I have noticed that I feel healthier, less groggy and overall just awesome by taking meat out of my diet.  I have even noticed it in my running and when I work out.  It's really strange.  So I'm interested to see how living vegan will affect that also.  I am training for a 1/2 marathon in august and I'm hoping to be in full swing of vegan living by then.

Well, I hope that I have peaked your interest so far in my life of becoming Reborn into the Vegan lifestyle.  I look forward to writing more and having continued support during my journey.  Feel free to ask me questions if you'd like or just comment below!  Thanks in advance! xxoo

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  1. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    I loved hearing about your transition into the vegan world and have deep respect for a Mom of 5 (I stopped with two!). Good luck with everything! I think you will find some really simple and good recipes on this blog. I exclusively post recipes and all are dishes my kids enjoy even though they are not vegan:) Check out my baked oatmeal, I just posted and vote if you like it. Vote #2 :)
    1. pentamom
      Thank You sooo much!! :-) LOL! Yes, 5 kids (especially ALL boys certainly isn't easy), but it's fun! There is ALWAYS something to do here! LOL!! On top of it all, we are trying to sell our house so imagine trying to keep a clean house for showings! LOL! Nearly impossible! LMAO!!! I appreciate your comment, and will certainly vote for you! I'll also keep watching for recipes on your page, as I have no vision on how to put things together! LOL!!! Thank You for being so welcoming to me! Being the only one here doing this certainly makes you feel a bit alone.. :-) Rhea
  2. SnakeWitch
    By the way, the filo dough is great for pie-like desserts too. Just thought I'd throw it out there for you! Come check out my article: Tropical Weather Can Mean Greener Travel I voted for you because I cannot imagine how it must be to be with a house full of non vegans... yikes!!!!
    1. pentamom
      Thank You so much! :-) I really just have to one day get off the pot and play with the filo dough! LOL!! I will certainly come and check you article out as I love learning all that I can! Thank You for voting for me! It truly is hard to live as the only vegan. xxoo!
  3. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    This is a nice post. We see it coming to a Facebook Page near you soon :-) Like later this evening....
    1. pentamom
      I am VERY Honored! Whoo Hoo!!! Thank You SO much!! I really feel people reading about my transition could possibly help the v-curious! :-) ESPECIALLY when I'm the only one in a household of 8! :-)
  4. jferg
    My son and I are the only vegetarians in our home....Well... in our whole family of both mine and my husbands. lol It's hard to have family gatherings without the odd comments made by others and it is pretty hard to find something on the Olympic Peninsula for vegan/vegetarian food. lol It's nice to hear someone else like this.
    1. pentamom
      Thank You! I kind of run into the same situation where there aren't many places to eat there, and especially for shopping. Our supermarket makes it really easy because they have a fantastic organic/vegan section~but other then that, there really isn't much here either. :-/ LOL! Thank You for reading my blog! :-)
  5. BuddhasDelight
    congratulations and welcome! i applaud your courage, i know how challenging the switch can be. it has taken me many attempts but trust me it not only gets easier but soon you will laugh because you won't even miss a thing! i ate tons of meat and cheese and dairy my whole life and never thought i could live without those things. now i truly wonder how i ever ate all that crap! the only thing i miss is proper cheese and ice cream. that being said, there are awesome alternatives out there. vegan mozzarella is great and coconut bliss ice cream is the best! good luck on your journey, us flamingvegans are here for you! :)
    1. pentamom
      Thank You so much!! I am proud to be a FlamingVegan! LOL!! It's so funny you mentioned the cheese part of it, because last night when we were driving to the restaurant, my hunk said, "so you're giving up cheese also?" And I said "Yup" and he just shook his head and said "man, that is gonna be hard, I don't know how you are going to do that!" LOL!! I just laughed...he knows I LOVE my cheese! LOL!!! I am happy to be able to find a way to talk about my conversion, and also get wonderful insight from all of you guys also! I am so happy that I found this wonderful community! The support is amazing! xxoo...
    2. SnakeWitch
      Sooooooo true to that! I agree!
  6. JackieD
    Good luck with your transition. Depending on where you live makes a difference regarding eating out. The town I live in is mostly meat and potato restaurants. And if I say I'm vegetarian I get "we have salads". Anyway many chain restaurants have sites where it tells you what the meal consists of and most times I ask. Does the soup, side dish etc have a meat base or made with a meat stock? Most times I get an answer other than I don't know. If you know where you are going to eat check their web site first. Its a challenge but it will be well worth it. Bet you'll make a convert or 2 if you make some tasty meatless meals.


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