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The Basics of Coloring Your Organic Garden with Beautiful Bulbs
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The Basics of Coloring Your Organic Garden with Beautiful Bulbs

The charisma of your garden comes to full bloom, when you plant a flower bulb in it. Flowers like summer bulbs and fall planted bulbs electrify the essence of your garden. In summers the flower bulbs offer the most exquisite smell and vibrant colors which are eye-catching. They offer you their mesmerizing smell all along the year. You can choose from the diverse ranges of summer bulbs, winter bulbs, fall winter, or perennial summer flowers. Even the autumn season will not stop you from planting your favorite bulb. So, what are you waiting for? Initiate the planting process by following these guidelines.  

You can opt for dahlias which are adaptable in all seasons.  Daffodils are said to be the flowers of the early spring and so are the snow drops. Tulips can be planted through the month of November or in the mid winter time. If you want your garden to be filled with flowers, then plant them according to the season’s planting period.

Gardening Basics

You probably cannot wait now to plant your lovely flowers. If you are a beginner, then you can start by removing the new bulbs from the bag, and keep them in the dry place. It would save them from being moist or getting wet. You can also keep them in a tray filled with peat moss. The bulbs that are still unplanted should be kept in the forty degrees F, and above in terms of temperature. You can plant the bulbs in your garden, at the terrace, in the backyard or inside your house. You can Purchase Flower Bulbs From Dutch Grown for indoors and outdoors, while exploring a wide variety of flowers like elephant ears, water lilies and exotic tulips. They would fill your garden with eternal fragrance from their petals, and would change the atmosphere into a haven of intoxication.

Start Planting

  • When you start to plant your bulbs check your yard ground, and look for the place where the soil is not too damp or moist. That would rot the flowers in no time. Also, do not plant them near your garden sprinklers or hose pipes.
  • Place them on a sufficient height. If you are choosing snow-drops, then plant them near the garden borders, while alliums and giant tulips can be planted in your backyard.
  • The planting process starts, with you digging out the soil, to a sufficient depth and pulling out the excess dirt from the surrounding area. It would help the roots to grow properly. Sprinkle the dry soil with water.
  • If the soil formation is claylike, you can add the sand or peat moss. Remember, you don’t have to use harsh chemicals or fertilizers. Even fresh manure is not recommended.
  • If you Purchase Flower Bulbs like hyacinths, tulips and daffodils, you have to plant them with their tips up and roots facing the ground.
  • Cover the bulbs with proper soil and water.
  • Flower beds look very attractive. If you choose to plant them, then you have to dig out the whole area with your shovel and let them bloom concurrently.
  • The planting depth for each bulb varies according to its species. Bulbs like daffodils and tulips need an eight inches of depth, while tiny bulbs need about three to four inches.

Enhance Your Gardening Skills

This month of July and August can receive the bloom of fall flowering bulbs. Fall corcuses and Colchicums. They can be planted in early summer, and are available until the end of august. Order your favorite fall bulbs from online websites like, which offer you the exquisite quality of fall flower bulbs, and ample of other variations of your choice.

Have you heard of the elite bulb? Tulip Apeldoorn elite is an archetypal red yellow Darwin hybrid. It is very eye catching and stands majestically in front of your garden. You can combine its formation with the Golden tulip parade. These flowers are can be purchased online at, where you can select your favorite species and plant at your heart’s content.

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